Adams Transmission: A 53 Year South Boston Tradition

A Thank You Letter from Skip Adams and Family

006For as long as most people can remember, Adams Automatic Transmission has been a trusted institution in South Boston. It has been part of the community, like a favorite family member – dependable, helpful and always there when needed. Located at the corner of Old Colony Avenue and Dorchester Street in South Boston, 241 Old Colony Ave to be precise, it has been the destination of choice for most locals when their car or truck needed saving. After more than a half century, the Adams Family will be moving on.  The building has been sold. The business itself has been taken over by the talented Dennis Pukt, well known to all Adams Transmission customers through his 35 years of working at the business. Adams Transmission will now relocate to 919 River Street in Boston’s Hyde Park section and still hopes to serve its many South Boston customers with most of the same faces, the same phone # (617-268-6060) and the same great service.

The following is a letter by Skip Adams to the people of South Boston and to all the other loyal customers from all the surrounding areas expressing appreciation and for a wonderful working relationship and so many lasting friendships

To our many South Boston friends,

009It has been an honor and a pleasure to be part of the community for so many years. Adams Auto Transmission started as a 2 bay operation in the Sunoco Gas Station. After graduating from Franklin Tech with a dream and the support from my father, Will Adams, we went in on a non-franchised transmission center. Our concept was to give bargain prices and 1 and 2 year guarantees – unheard of in that day’s market. We went around to the local garage and gas stations and car dealers and explained our plans. After 10 years of being in the transmission business, we were able to buy the Sunoco Gas Station itself.  This was a milestone in our lives as neither I nor my father even owned any real estate.

The next challenge was to keep up with electronic age of transmissions. Our transmission business expanded and we added more technical help. Building a more quality product, my brother, John Adams, a fine mechanic entered the business and added even more technical help and expertise to the company. After 15 years in South Boston, we expanded our business by adding more space at our Harrison Ave location.  This made us one of the largest transmission centers in Boston.

As I look back at this dream, the most enjoyable thing was getting to know and having the people of South Boston welcome my family as friends and neighbors.  The many meetings with the South Boston Citizens Association, the banquets, the parades, awards nights, helping to get convertibles for the awards winners to ride in in the parades, joining and having a mooring and locker at the South Boston Yacht Club – quite a privilege for a guy from the Columbia Station area will always be great memories that will last forever.  In addition, we wish to thank all of the many businesses and city and state agencies that helped us along the way by showing the trust and confidence in our work as they would send customers our way as well. I think and hope I had more friends from servicing the auto needs of customers than I had in my own neighborhood. Thank You! Thanks! Gracias! for giving me a successful and very, very happy life knowing and befriending the many wonderful people of South Boston for over 50 years.

Skip Adams and the Adams Families