The Southie Scene – “The Southie Senses”: Things to touch, see, taste, smell and hear in Southie

Touch: Get A Kick Out of It Take Tuesday to a whole new level. Head on over to 315 on A and kick it up with Eliza Shirazi, on the rooftop with her Kickboxing class. An energizing way to get you that much closer to Friday. Class is an hour long and it’s suggested that […]

The Southie Scene – Stepping Out: Hot Fun, Summer in Southie

“Hot and happening” is a phrase often used to describe South Boston. I cringe at the sound of it, and though the statement can seem contrived, I have to agree. I may not use the same language, because when I do hear someone make that declaration, I want to say: “don’t force it dude.” Southie […]

The Southie Scene – Stepping Up: Kickin’ It Like a Kid

I don’t know about y’all, but I have been dealing with some serious summertime sadness. With one whole “official” month of summer left, I have been obsessively planning what I am going to do with the “rest of my days”. Instead of slowing down and enjoying, I have been devouring them as if I will […]

The Southie Scene – Stepping Up: Give It, Live It

It has been said poetically, can be told prophetically, shared emphatically. But, however eloquent and poignant the language, the base message is still the same: you get what you give. Doing for others not only gives those who are on the receiving end of your goodwill a boost but I don’t think I have ever […]

The Southie Scene – Stepping Out: Sea-ing is Believing

Living by the water all of my days, I am quite guilty of forgetting how lucky I am to live by such an amazing source of life. The ocean provides so much: it is the gateway to connecting life, a source of sustenance for the body and soul, a living, breathing, giving entity. It has […]

The Southie Scene – “The Southie Senses”: Things to touch, see, taste, smell & hear in Southie

Touch: Pick of the Crop Check out the Farmer’s Market every Monday, 2-6pm, on West Broadway, located in front of the muni lot and grab fresh foods on your way home from work. Working in the Seaport? Head over to the Fresh Truck and choose from some choice crops on your lunch break, Mondays and […]

The Southie Scene – Embrace All the Southie Senses: See the Sea

What could be better than living by the ocean? Absolutely, positively, nothing. The smells and the sounds, hug you like a friendly embrace, their familiarity comforting you, but the knowledge that with time everything passes. Like a wave headed to shore, sometimes life can crash to a stop or slowly fade into the sand. Embracing […]

The Southie Scene – “The Southie Senses” Things to touch, see, taste smell and hear in Southie

Touch: Reach For It SB Yoga is holding a FREE hatha yoga class this Saturday June 28th, on Spectacle Island, 10-11:30am. Take the Spectacle Island ferry from Long Wharf North at 9:30am; make sure to bring along your mat and some water and meet at the SI Visitor Info Center.       See:Free-For-All […]

The Southie Scene – Stepping Out: In Good Taste

South Boston is fast tracking to becoming a food mecca. Whether is fresh and fit green juice boosts at Nourish Your Soul to fancy, coursed cuisine at Menton, to get-your-hands-dirty crab and lobster at the Barking Crab, Southie is a serious dining destination. This warm and welcoming summer weather makes it even that more inviting. […]

The Southie Scene – Stepping Up: Summer in the City

The most exciting day of the year for children round the neighborhood has arrived: school’s out! For me, that meant chasing the frosty truck, riding my bike in the street and playing wiffleball in St. Peter’s schoolyard until “late” at night: my bedtime during the early evening hours of the fall was as early as […]