Irish Themed Paintings by Dan McCole


Well known and very talented South Boston artist Dan McCole is showcasing his Irish themed paintings for the St. Patrick’s Day holiday. South Boston Today is proud to display such fine works of art for our readers. No matter what the season or occasion, Dan McCole creates art that just can’t help put all those who view his work in the spirit and bring smiles so many faces.

Each day from now through Sunday, March 20 … with the help of Dan’s meager internet skills (please God) … the artist will post an image of one of his Irish-related watercolor paintings as a salute to the spirit of the season. And during this period framed prints of these paintings will receive a special discount. This discount will also apply to the purchase of prints all Dan’s other paintings during this period. It seems like a timely gift for friends and family members, doesn’t it?

One of the offerings is a print of a watercolor of “D’Arcy’s Castle”, a bit west of Clifden, County Galway. The castle is actually called the Clifden Castle … but it was built in the early 1800s by a farmer, John D’Arcy for his family. So let’s give him a little credit. This scene was spotted a little way up from Carraroe, heading on the way to up the west coast … just one of the thousands of scenes in Ireland that makes the visitor slap on the brakes and spend a few moments … taking a breather from traveling … to marvel at the view.

Other offerings include: “The Boys at Rawson’s” – Friday night at Rawson’s Pub, Moville, County Donegal. “The Celtic Tiger” – This thatched roof cottage had sheltered and was the home for quite a few family generations. “The Tango at Tullamore” – There they are, the dishes done, prayers said, and the two of them ‘fox-trotting’ the night away. Takes the burn out of a hard day’s work. Call for today’s special price for this and all other Dan McCole prints … 617 464-4237. “Well, it’s like the savings of the green, isn’t it?”

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