Jim Fallon’s PS Gourmet Coffee’ – Recipe for Success

003It seems one of the more common sights around town is seeing people walking either leisurely or hurrying to work or to an appointment affectionately clutching a bright yellow coffee cup. Emblazoned prominently on that cup, whether large or small, hot or ice is the PS Gourmet Coffee logo along with the words ‘Home of the Bucket’.  For those few who might not know what ‘The Bucket’ is, we’ll get to that later in the story.

Meet born and raised South Bostonian Jim Fallon. Jim has been working in the food service business since he was a kid. He started at Mul’s Diner when then owner Gene Gross took Jim under his wing and showed him the ropes and taught him the business. Since then, it has been full speed ahead for Jim who is grateful and will always fondly remember his friend and mentor.

Jim Fallon, always known around town for being gutsy, took a chance and went for it back in 1986 when he opened his now famous PS (The PS stands for Perkin’s Square because of the location) Gourmet Coffee Shop, once known as PS Deli. From the beginning he knew well the way to run a successful business is to make as the foremost priority, ‘customer service’.  Giving people a top notch product, quick and friendly service and making sure their experience is a happy and positive one to the point that they are so satisfied, they want to keep coming back – always. At PS Gourmet Coffee, this mission has been accomplished. The steady streams of customers; both long timers and new arrivals that continue to frequent this clean, bright, unique and pleasant establishment bear witness to this fact.  People of all ages travel distances to get a cup of “PS”. There are teens that will actually walk many blocks to get their dose of caffeine (or decaf) there. PS Gourmet Coffee has in place a system that serves people quickly and efficiently with that personal touch.

005With over a hundred delicious flavors on the coffee menu, sometimes the choice is hard.  The great thing is, no matter what you choose, you won’t be disappointed because everything is so good. The coffee at PS is brewed the old fashion way and it’s made fresh all day. In fact, one of Jim’s mottos is ‘Keep it fresh’, and he does. The flavored coffee served there is not regular coffee with the special flavor added afterward in the form of a ‘shot’. The flavors are roasted into the beans themselves when they arrive at PS and then it is brewed. The ice coffee is never hot coffee poured over ice. It is fresh brewed and then chilled so that when it is poured over ice it stays colder, longer. This is done so that the ice won’t melt too quickly and dilute the taste. It’s a winning method that customers like. And this is why the PS Gourmet ‘Bucket’ is so popular. The Bucket is a full 32 ounce ice coffee masterpiece that has even been mentioned on national media outlets like the Huffington Post and heralded on Jim’s cable TV commercials that are run during Monday Night Football. They also serve assorted teas, hot chocolates and other beverages as well as fresh pastries and other baked goods. They run specials regularly and as far as coffee flavors go, they will mix and match. All you need do is ask.

So successful is PS Gourmet Coffee that Jim Fallon last year decided to add a second shop. There is now a PS Gourmet Coffee near Adams Corner in Dorchester and it is as well received and popular as is his South Boston location. And why not? The same recipes and service are the norm at both locations.

Part of the customer service that Jim Fallon puts so much emphasis on is of course having a great, hardworking staff. He employs nearly 40 people. And he is proud of them all. They are friendly, competent and go out of their way to be personable and make everyone who walks through the door feel welcome. They know their jobs and do them well. Annie Richardson has been with Jim from the beginning and helps manage and oversee the entire operation. Deb Shaughnessy manages the Dorchester store and keeps the new location finely tuned and running well. Jim himself is a workaholic when he has to be; which is often.  He puts in long hours, day and night which come with the territory of running a business open 7 days and 7 nights a week. But hard work has never been something he avoids. He’s actually looking around for a location to open yet a third shop. When he’s not in one of his stores, he spends some of his time in the communities working with local groups and organizations and helping out with neighborhood charities. When the 8 year old Dorchester boy who was a victim of the Marathon tragedy was remembered with a memorial, Jim was quick to offer his help. He is also there for youth sports organizations in South Boston and Dorchester and assists other neighborhood causes. Giving back to the communities has always been important to him. He cares, deeply for people and it shows through his generosity.

Is it all work with Jim Fallon? Well, not quite.  As much as he loves his work, and he does, when he is able to put some time aside for non-work related down time, adventure waits. He rides his motorcycle, his snow mobile, gets to Patriot’s Games when he can and quite often just enjoys heading out on a long, grueling hike, usually in the New Hampshire Mountains. Hiking has become one of his great pleasures. But spending family time with his grandkids is something he truly enjoys and looks forward to doing as often as possible. He is the ultimate grandfather and the grand kids know it and love it.

If you are one of the very few who have not yet stopped into PS Gourmet Coffee, give it a try and say hello to Jim Fallon. You’ll be glad you did.  PS Gourmet Coffee is located at 106 Dorchester St. near Perkins Square in South Boston and at 758 Adams St. near Adams Corner in Dorchester. You can also check them out on Face book and on Twitter.