John Gillespie Gives Dunkin Donuts That Personal Touch

002Dunkin Donuts is a major company with great shops and stores pretty much everywhere you look almost nationwide. It is famous for its good coffee and large variety of donuts, muffins and bagels and many other type of delicious, fun food.  They serve great sandwiches and soups and more. The pleasant pink and orange signs beckon to hungry customers during every time of day and in every kind of weather. From frosty coolatas to hot and cold coffees and teas, this is a business that appeals to pretty much everyone.

Here in South Boston, three of the neighborhood Dunkin Donuts shops are owned and operated by long time man about town Mr. John Gillespie. He has the one at Perkin’s Square, the Andrew Square location and the shop with Drive Thru at 75 Old Colony Avenue.

004Many know John Gillespie as the generous guy who has helped out so many local causes and organizations in this neighborhood that a whole page could be filled if all were to be listed.  Just a partial list includes South Boston Sports leagues such as youth hockey, little league, pop warner and others. The Boys and Girls Club, The Laboure, the Neighborhood House and so many more. He is even helping out with the upcoming Senior Olympics for the City of Boston. It’s pretty much year round for John. When there is a neighborhood cause to help a family or individual in need, John Gillespie and his Dunkin Donut Shops have been there to help and he’s been doing this for many years.

John has been with the Dunkin Donuts franchise for quite a while but not just as an owner.  He started out as a hard working baker back in 1975 and then moved to manager which he excelled at for 15 years.  When the opportunity presented itself to actually buy a shop for himself, he made his move and has been glad he did ever since. It has become a family run operation with three of his four children now part of the business. The Andrew Square shop was his first.

005South Boston Today had the opportunity to sit down and talk at length with John Gillespie this week and learned what so many South Bostonians as well as Dorchester residents and really, people from all over have always known.  This is a good man. He’s a caring family man with an incredible work ethic. He loves being a small business owner in this community because of all it has to offer.  He says the tight knit neighborhood is a pleasant place to be with good people and has a thriving spirit.  When we asked what prompts him to be so generous to so many South Boston causes for all of these many years, without missing a beat he responded that the causes he helps are good and worthy efforts by local people who legitimately care for their neighbors and that he wants to give back to the community and its people who have been so good and loyal and supportive of him and his family.

Walking into any of John Gillespie’s Dunkin Donuts, you immediately notice that they are bright, cheerful and clean with hard working staffs that make people feel welcome.  When we asked John how he would rate the staff at his 3 shops he said that he considers them all part of an outstanding team and pointed out that some of his employees have been with him for as long as 25 years. It was obvious just by observing the employees work; serving so many people quickly and efficiently that they enjoy their jobs.  The interaction with the crowds seemed to energize them and brought smiles to the faces of customers.  It’s important to John that customers who spend their hard earned money in his shops get the good service they deserve and that they are served promptly, understanding that most people are busy and in a hurry and that the experience of going to one of his shops should be a pleasant one; first time every time. This is one of the keys to his success.

John Gillespie is a hard worker.  He always has been.  He is sincerely proud to be part of the South Boston Community and has always done everything he can to show it.  It’s part of his philosophy to show his customers that he appreciates the business they bring to him and the loyalty and support he has always been shown here.  He takes every opportunity to return that loyalty through his generosity, caring and kindness.  Dunkin Donuts is a good company with a good reputation nationwide.  But when they are owned and operated by John Gillespie and his family, you get that special personal touch that makes people want to keep coming back. And they do.

John Gillespie’s South Boston Dunkin Donuts locations are at 75 Old Colony Ave, 482 W. Broadway (Perkins Square) and 510 South Hampton St. (Andrew Square).