Mastery Day at St Peter Academy

With the start of the 2016-2017 school year, St. Peter Academy proudly incorporated an exciting new concept to the already rigorous academic schedule. An entire school day dedicated to individualized instruction and mastery of grade level skills, fittingly named Mastery Day, has been fully embraced by all of SPA’s exemplary teachers and students. Mastery Day is a purposeful pause to the introduction of new material; and used to ensure that all students have the foundational knowledge necessary for success in future learning. Each Thursday morning consists of an ELA Mastery Block and a Math Mastery Block. Students meet with their teacher to work on the mastery of skills identified as areas of improvement in both content areas. During this time, all other students work on independent projects and or enrichment centers. Thursday afternoons consist of extra enrichment classes with blocks of Art and Movement for the students. During this time, classroom teachers meet to debrief mastery instructional blocks, analyze assessment data and strategize/plan for further individualized instruction.


In K2, Mastery Day has one more exciting component that students anxiously await for all week…the Mastery Badge Ceremony! Not only does K2 work on their individualized mastery goals throughout the week and on Mastery Day with their teacher, Mrs. Sacriponte, they are also assessed to evaluate “mastery” of their weekly goal. If students have reached mastery goals a Mastery Badge Ceremony is held on that week’s Mastery Day to pin a new badge on their special sash. It is a wonderful time to celebrate their new successes and congratulate friends on a job well done.


Meet the exemplary teaching staff of St. Peter Academy at their Winter Open House on Tuesday January 24 from 9:00-11:30 am and 3:00-6:00pm.  Can’t make the open house but want to learn more – Private tours are available upon request.


St Peter Academy, an independent community based private school, is South Boston’s only Toddler through Grade 8 School. It is privately funded, enriched with extended learning hours and summer programs, and fosters a nurturing, safe and individualized environment. The student/teacher ratio is 6:1 which is ideal for creating exemplary instructional models filled with interactive learning opportunities. The school is located at 371 West Fourth Street and is currently accepting applications for the year round toddler program and 2016 school year – To learn more about the school and all programs visit or schedule a private tour by contacting Ms. Doreen Brown or Ms Maria Blasi at 617-268-0750 or email