South Boston Dental Associates Inc.

Dental Care with that Gentle, Personal Touch.

59599_500069200087529_520942923_n.jpg cook outMost people have fond memories about their years growing up. Things like holidays, summer vacations, maybe going to a fair or to an amusement park, playing with friends at the park. All of these memories can bring a smile to the faces of most.  But we’re willing to bet that among the things we’d all rather forget would be those occasional trips to the dentist office. Just the days, maybe weeks, leading up to that dreaded date marked on the calendar would be enough to cause the jitters and anxiety and possibly you might have come up with some creative excuses why you were just not feeling well enough to go. But it’s now 2013and boy have times ever changed, at least the dental visit experience certainly has, especially if you go to South Boston Dental Associates Inc. on Farragut Road

When you walk in the door of SBDA for the first time, it’s nothing like you might have been expecting. The office itself is bright and cheerful looking. You’re greeted by smiling faces eager to put you at ease and who have a pleasant way of assuring you that you have nothing to worry about; everything will be fine and you’ll be glad you came. Yes, this really is a dentist’s office that puts you at ease. They do exist.Here you will find exceptional care with a gentle touch. It’s been said that SBDA Inc. even caters to cowards. No need to fear the dentist visit here.Who would have thought?

523512_524346754326440_177123527_n.jpg Dr. Lincolns partyNo matter what your dental related concern, SBDA has a specialist to take care of it for you. Because here, there’s not one, not two, but seven dentists. This is certainly a multi-specialty operation. Whether you need a specialist in endodontics, periodontics, orthodontics or an oral surgeon, they are all here under one roof for your convenience. Some of the finest dentists that can be found anywhere are Philip Barber, James J. McDermott, Andrew Luccio, Peter Rider, Michele Crohin, Robert Lincoln and James Buechel; all of them can be found right here in South Boston at 29 Farragut Rd.

South Boston Dental Associates Inc. is now well known for being in the business of  helping everyone. Whether you have been a lifelong South Bostonian, whose family has been here for generation, or a new arrival who just recently became a resident, South Boston Dental Associates Inc. is here to serve. Its practice dates back to the 1960’s when the business was started by Dr. Barry Siegel.It was later bought by Doctors Edward Friedman and Philip Barber. Dr. Barber is now the sole owner. And Like the popular TV series Cheers, one of the mottos of SBDA is ‘Where everyone knows your name’. It is that welcoming, you feel that comfortable when there.

Ellie Fusco, the Practice Administrator has been here for 27 years. She is a true professional who certainly likes what she does and is very proud of the service SBDA Inc. has provided to the community for so long. She explained in detail how this is a company that prides itself on high standards, uncompromising safety and making sure that every patient and client has a positive experience. She is typical of the wonderful staff here, all of whom seem to genuinely enjoy their jobs and like interacting with neighborhood people. It’s easy to see that this is a pleasant working environment; which helps explain the longevity of the staff – most have been here for decades. The fact that they are so happy working at South Boston Dental Associates Inc. does much to make this such a welcoming environment for so many returning as well as new patrons. And the fact that it IS such a positive experience is the reason so many patients return year after year.

South-Boston-Dental-AssociatesTo learn more about South Boston Dental Associates Inc. you can log onto their website at, call them at 617-268-1030 or better yet, why not stop in and see for yourself what a true state of the art dental care facility with that personal touch really is. They are located at 29 Farragut Rd., right here in South Boston. You are sure to be impressed. And the odds are, you too will become one of those satisfied patrons who actually looks forward to their dental visits.