Southie is my Home Town Lyrics

I was born down on “A” Street,
Raised up on “B Street,
Southie is my hometown;
There is something about it,
Permit me to shout it,
It is tops for miles around;
We have doctors and flappers,
Preachers and scrappers,
Men from the Old County down;
They will take you & break you,
But they’ll never forsake you;
For Southie is my hometown.

The Boston I knew of as a child growing up in Brooklynwas the American Revolution.  Then, my childhood friend went to Emerson College in Boston.  I now knew of the colleges and where the young people hung out, Back Bay,Beacon Hill and Cambridge.

I’d seen the occasional news story about Boston’s busing crisis, but it was far away.  A news story from a place that didn’t affect me.

Then in 1982, I moved to Boston and saw the other side of Boston.  The people not connected to the colleges and think tanks.  Then I met someone from Southie now living inDorchester. The rest as they say is history.  I became connected to a huge extended Irish American family.

The next posting will be part of my book about Professor Moriarty.  That will be about Southie gang leader James “Whitey” Bulger.  It will be mostly how it relates to my Moriarty book, I know how tired people are hearing about it all.