St Peter Academy K1 Students Soar Into Math & Early Reading Skills

img_0771Ms. Erin Sawyer is the K1 Teacher at St Peter Academy and TALENTED she is! Under her guidance students are currently working in Literacy on the AT word family, identifying 1-3 syllable words, rhyming word pairs and recognizing uppercase and lowercase letters. Upon completing a unit on the letter sound Bb which included reading and singing Bb poems and songs, a Bb scavenger hunt, letter sound Bb show & tell, and labeling Bb pictures in their journals – Students created a 46 Bb word list all on their own!

In math the current focus is working on number lines, counting by 1’s up to 100, creating AB, ABB, and ABC patterns, counting and recording ten frames and matching objects.  One fun and challenging learning activity required students to walk around the room to discover Halloween themed ten frames and record answers in their journals. “It was a joy watching my k1 students walk around the classroom counting ten frames and recording their answers. They really enjoyed this challenge!”

After a recent apple picking field trip, students took part in an apple themed STEM project and made apple volcanoes. The K1 room was filled with lots of excitement and smiling faces during this project.

After five weeks of school these four year old students are well on their way to an outstanding year full of learning and FUN!

Meet Ms. Sawyer and the group of exemplary teachers in Toddler, Prekindergarten and Kindergarten 2 at the St Peter Academy Early Childhood Education Open House on Wednesday, November 9 from 9:00-11:00 am.  Can’t make the open house but want to learn more – Private tours are available upon request.

St Peter Academy, an independent community based private school, is South Boston’s only Toddler through Grade 8 School. It is privately funded, enriched with extended learning hours and summer programs, and fosters a nurturing, safe and individualized environment. The student/teacher ratio is 6:1 which is ideal for creating exemplary instructional models filled with interactive learning opportunities. The school is located at 371 West Fourth Street and is currently accepting applications for the year round toddler program and 2016 school year  – To learn more about the school and all programs visit or schedule a private tour by contacting Ms. Doreen Brown or Ms. Maria Blasi at 617-268-0750 or email


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