Two Opticians: South Boston’s State of the Art Eye Care Location

two_opticiansIt’s a fact of life that most people, if not everyone, has to take some time out of their busy schedules for the purpose of their own physical maintenance. Whether it’s for a medical ailment, dental work or a healthy tune-up at the gym, we need to take care of ourselves. It’s the same with what’s considered one of the most important parts of the human body – our eyes. You may not think that going to an optician’s office could be a pleasant experience; unless of course you’ve been to ‘Two Opticians’ right here in South Boston.

If you demand professional service but on a personal level in a welcoming atmosphere, and you need some new glasses and you haven’t already met the owners of Two Opticians, you are in for a nice surprise. Jim Barnes and Bernie Nania; two born and raised South Bostonians put customers at ease the minute they walk through the door at 394 W. Broadway. Whether you are a long time client or in for the first time to make a purchase, get some advice or just to browse you are greeted with a sincere and welcoming approach from these two top experts in the field that instantly make you feel comfortable because they make it plain, they are glad to see you and are there to help. This they do with absolutely no pressure. One thing they emphasize is they are not salesmen. They only want to provide you with what you need and what you want it.

two_opticians1A trip to Two Opticians is also an education. Any questions you have about your eyes, how best to care for them and what the best products for your particular needs are is given in an easily understood presentation. And if you want proof of the satisfaction customers get from a visit; get on the internet and go on the YELP Business site and read the glowing reviews from all the happy customers who were more than just satisfied – they were very impressed.

Now if having 2 experts in their field like Bernie Nania and Jim Barnes isn’t enough to make it worth the trip to their office they are thrilled to have Dr. Rae R. Huang O.D. on site at the office as well. Dr. Rae is considered one of the best eye doctors that can be found anywhere. She too is considered to be among the top in her field, she graduated at the top of her class and helps make Two Opticians such a popular destination for the eye care needs of so many. Need an eye exam? Dr. Huang is who you’ll be glad you saw.

Jim Barnes and Bernie Nania have been operating Two Opticians in South Boston for nearly 10 years. But their experience goes much farther back than that. They both worked for Gopen Optical in down town Boston, one of the best known Optical companies in the country for a combined total of over 48 years. Jim was there 30 years, Bernie for 18. They set out on their own when Gopen Optical finally shut its doors when the owner retired. It was no surprise that many of Gopen’s customers and clients followed them to South Boston. Taking from what they learned from being part of Gopen, they knew that to succeed with their own business they would need to provide the best possible service and the finest products. Their service is almost legendary. They can often make a new pair of glasses for you in a half hour or less. All glasses are made right there on site with a huge number of frames to pick from; styles to please all tastes. This is a true computerized and state of the art operation and with affordable prices.

Asked what about having their business in South Boston was most appealing, Both Jim Barnes and Bernie Nania agreed. It’s like being and working at home.  They are part of the neighborhood where they grew up; they work to get to know all their customers on a personal level and feel comfortable with the people; both longtime residents as well as new arrivals. They work closely and in cooperation with the South Boston Community Health Center’s eye clinic; which is right next door and even help tutor the students who train at the clinic. To say that both Barnes and Nania enjoy what they do would be an understatement.  Watching them work for just a few minutes it’s clear that what they do is a labor of love.

You can learn more about Two Opticians by logging on to their website at or calling them at 617-268-9999 or by stopping in at their location at 394 W. Broadway in South Boston.

They have also partnered with the ‘Southie Shuttle’ to make it even more convenient to get there. Since they signed up with the ‘Shuttle’, the motto is “The Free Ride to good vision is at your door!” Check them out. You’ll be glad you did.