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Centuries ago, windmills usually were used to mill grain. It also is often noted as the forerunner to today’s wind turbines. For Windmill Italian and American Kitchen it symbolizes the beginning of the food making process. Its menu is exceptional in its simplicity and is clear, crisp and straightforward – enough choices but not overwhelming. Gluten-free pizza is a specialty not only for its obvious customer but because it tastes terrific so that everyone should try it.

Located in the former “Pat’s Trattoria” next to “Lincoln Tavern”, it brings a touch of Europe to their offerings. The owners are “city kids” in their own way.  Adam Oksay is 54, married, father of two and for 30 years practiced as a lawyer in Istanbul, Turkey where he hails from. It only is one of the most beautiful of Europe’s capitols but the joining of cultures has created its own food style. While his forte is business, Adam also brings the family secret ingredients to its chicken kabob.

Aziz Elamri grew up in the bustling, romantic city of Casablanca.  Just the name conjures up some images of leisure.  Aziz, a 43 year old father of two, assures us the image is not completely different from reality. Along with gambling casinos, Casablanca is known for its culinary delights.  A touch of France joined with traditional Moroccan, have combined to create light, tasty quality to all their dishes.  Aziz learned his trade with his brother in the family restaurants in France, Spain and England.  A recommendation would be the Mediterranean steak tips Aziz has perfected.

Both men continue to prefer their urban roots, with Aziz living in Everett and Adam living in Southie. Our region won’t be completely alien as Adam notes that Istanbul enjoys all 4 seasons and Aziz points out the Moroccan capitol of Rabat is on the same latitude as Boston. They’re excited in bringing a new and different taste to the town and add to the growing choices on Big Broadway. 

The catering menu options are very affordable, especially in the midst of increasingly pricey restaurants now dominating the sit-down dining scene in South Boston. Summertime is a great time to try out Windmill’s online ordering and prompt delivery service as you plan out your backyard, roof deck or beach party. Drop in or order out and enjoy a different taste.