Co-sponsored legislation to provide relief from high costs of housing

With over 5,000 bills filed in the Massachusetts legislation this session, Representative David Biele has cosponsored and supported several pieces of legislation to address the high costs of housing in Boston and to protect senior residents.

  • An Act regarding state income tax credit for renting unsubsidized properties at below market rents.  This legislation would provide property owners with a tax credit for renting units at below market rents;
  • An Act relative to low income housing eligibility for disabled veterans.  This bill would exempt veterans’ disability payments from being counted toward eligibility for housing;
  • An Act relative to the just cause eviction of elderly lessees. This bill would prohibit landlords from evicting elderly residents over the age of 75 without just cause; and
  • An Act providing tax relief for rent burdened individuals and families. This bill would allow residents who make less than 100% of the average median income to make tax deductions on rent payments, up to $4,100.  

“Increasing housing costs are one the biggest quality of life issues facing residents in Boston, if not the biggest, and it is important to look at ways to provide relief for residents” said Rep. Biele.  “I am proud to support these bills which incentivize property owners to charge below market rents for private units by providing tax credits, provide financial relief to working families and veterans when it comes to housing costs, and protect elderly residents from being evicted from their homes without just cause.”

These bills have been referred to the Joint Committee on Housing and Joint Committee on Judiciary for consideration and will have public hearings this session.