About Us


The South Boston community is rooted in its tradition, guided by its values and defined by its people. South Boston Today presents to you its inaugural edition with a commitment to upholding the South Boston community’s traditions, promoting its values and embracing all of its people.

South Boston has fast become the most desirable inner city neighborhood in the country.  New businesses are planting their flags and building up the waterfront attracting tourists, corporate headquarters and high rise urban dwellers. Old families and new continue to re-shape the face of South Boston. Entrepreneurs and artists are living communally in what was formerly the leather and wool districts of the merchant class. New faces become familiar ones in the coffee shops, restaurants, and parks that dot the expanded community. Police officers, teachers, nurses, firefighters, laborers, dockworkers and ironworkers are still raising their families here.

South Boston Today will tell these stories and more. We believe that it is the blending of the rich history, the enviable traditions, as well as a close knit social structure and a wholesome value system which keeps long time families here and attracts both newly minted college graduates and empty-nesters.

South Boston Today believes at the heart of any successful community are the people themselves. Without community involvement no town will ever be a success.  “Democracy is for those who bother to show up”, is an expression that states our goal perfectly. Our mission is to provide the information.  The community’s mission is to take that information and act on it.

The team at South Boston Today, who will deliver this news to your doorsteps, favorite shops, mobile phones and on-line, pledges to provide fair, balanced, newsworthy and stimulating reading for everyone. We look forward to offering a fresh perspective, an attentive ear and a responsible reporting of news and events. Quality of life issues are important to all of us in South Boston.  As we close the door to an era of publication that provided news to our community for generations, at South Boston Today, we look forward to being your go-to place for local news – today- and in the years to come.