2018 CYO Vicariate Championship

Gate of Heaven of South Boston played Saint Anne’s of Dorchester for the 2018 CYO Vicariate Championship in the Junior Division,  game was played at St. Agatha’s in Milton.

The game was a battle throughout St Anne’s jumped out to a very early lead until Gatey settled in with some solid TEAM defense, still finding it very difficult to shut down W. O’Malley #4 and C. McCusker #10 of Saint Anne’s.

Constant pressure of Gatey’s defense from Matiru Mwangi and big rebounds from Xavier Nunez and some 50/50 loose balls from Eric Panche along with the timely shooting from Logan Crowley 20 points and Linden Cox with 13 points, Zach Mitchell driving to hoop with 19 points (5/6 the line) Joey Brink’s monster rebounding also ended with 12 points and Bobby Delaney’s 7 points became too much for Saint Ann’s to overcome, 72-52.  Although it was a 20-point game it felt like a four-point game the entire time you couldn’t let up at all great competition and plenty of team spirit on both sides.

Our kids play a lot of other sports from high school, hockey, football, LAX etc. but every one of them will tell you that Gate of Heaven CYO is the most fun, whether it’s house league or travel.  I’ve been coaching most of these kids since the third and fourth grades, they love it and hardly anybody ever misses a game.

We can’t thank all the people involved with Gate of Heaven CYO enough for keeping CYO basketball alive in the city they deserve a lot of thanks and praise from our parishioners.