A Comparison of Presidents

Guest op-ed By Lawrence Mackin Sr.

As a Houston Police Officer I once had the honor of shaking hands with then Vice President of The United States, George H.W. Bush. As we clasped hands, I remember thinking to myself, there is something special about this man.

These same thoughts came back to me as I watched his funeral ceremonies on television recently.  Mr. Bush’s life was an open book and was dedicated to serving his country and trying to make the world a better and safer place. His resume is too well-known and too lengthy to review here but suffice it to say that he was one of the most qualified men to ever serve as our President. Well, I will point out that Mr. Bush was a member of the greatest generation, a generation that courageously stood up to defend our country against the attack of totalitarian socialist dictators, a man who served our country as a combat pilot in the Pacific during WW2, when he was shot down during a bombing mission against the Japanese.

As I watched the ceremony, I noticed former Presidents Obama and Clinton sitting in the church with smirks on their faces. All this while Mr. Bush was being eulogized as a man of courage, honesty, a patriot, a devoted husband and father, a man of conscience and conviction, being compared to President Lincoln and, well you get the picture.

Then I thought I wonder what Obama or Clinton would have said about them at their own funerals. 

Well in Clinton’s case, let’s see, for starters he was considered by many Americans to be a rapist.  His most memorable moment in office was a sexual scandal with White House intern Monica Lewinsky; and his biggest achievement is that he avoided impeachment and prosecution for lying to the American people under oath regarding this scandal.  He was a man whose consistent extramarital affairs became known as “bimbo eruptions”.

A man who sold our most advanced military computer systems to China.  A Commander in Chief who depleted the U.S. Military and who was known for launching missile attacks against aspirin factories in Africa to deflect attention from his “bimbo eruptions”.  A man who sealed all of his personal life records including his educational records. Wonder what he was hiding?

He was a disbarred attorney.  A man who as President stated that “oral sex is not sex”, what a great message for the youth of America! Or that depends on what the definition of “is”, “is”.  He had a pipe smoking attorney general who refused to investigate his many scandals let alone prosecute him. Oh he did burn down the Branch Davidian compound in Waco TX killing many children. But yet, the leftist socialist media loved him! 

Now we come to Barack Obama. Like Clinton he has sealed all of his personal records going back to his birth. Maybe some leftist admirer will state that he came very close to destroying the United States of America. He tripled our national debt. He never really accomplished anything legislatively, but rather by executive order.

He brought race relations in the United States back to their worst point since the civil rights movement.  He made a martyr out of street thug Trayvon Martin while demonizing police officers; rhetoric which escalated anti police violence and perhaps culminated in the murder of 5 Dallas police officers at a Black Lives Matter rally. 

He, like Clinton, waged a war on the U.S. military and encouraged terrorist groups such as the Black Panthers and the communist group Antifa to intimidate, attack and harass conservatives, especially White conservatives all across our country. While rolling out the full welfare welcome mat for illegal aliens, he mocked conservative Americans and how they “cling to their guns and religion.”

He like Clinton was a disbarred attorney. He had the IRS harass conservatives and the NSA illegally monitor individual conservatives and conservative groups. A man of the poor who spent $600 million dollars in taxpayer money on private vacations.  A man who could not understand the respect that the U.S. military and millions of Americans have for the American flag. A man who, similar to Clinton had an attorney general to protect him from investigations and prosecutions. A President who allowed countless people listed on terrorists watch lists into the White House.And let’s not forget about Obama’s real collusion with Russia. You remember, between his first and second terms, when he was unaware that he was both filmed and audio recorded while speaking to the Russian Prime Minister, Dmitry Medvedev. In response to Medvedev asking him to remove U.S. missiles from Europe, Obama stated, “just give me some space, I will have more flexibility after the election”.  Medvedev then enthusiastically wished Obama good luck and stated that he would tell “Vlad”, meaning Vladimir Putin, The President of Russia and former KGB officer.

Yes, Mr. Bush our country will miss you and all that you symbolized. Hopefully the American people will realize all that you and decent men and women like you have done for our country, you and all of our many veterans have preserved our very freedoms for us.  Hopefully the American people will awaken to the fact and very real danger that the left, led by the likes of socialist billionaire George Soros , allied with the traitors in the socialist media are in fact waging a war against our Constitution, with the same end goal that Hitler and Tojo had, that is to destroy America.

I know in my heart that patriots like President Bush are still the majority in America. My question is when, when will WE stand up to defend our country and constitution from the socialist attack that IS being waged, right now, by domestic enemies of the constitution against us! Patrick Henry once said, “I know not what course others may take, but as for me, give me liberty, or give me death”!  What about you?