Another Southie Landmark Gone… Mul’s Diner Will Be Missed

Construction and demolition are constant activities in South Boston over the past several years and more. South Bostonians often watch with sadness as stately homes, that proudly stood the test of time and gave the blocks where they were located that unique character are being torn down.  The homes being removed are all too often replaced with buildings that many people have said look more like boxes that came out of a mold or off a conveyer line than a home. Some call it progress. And then there is the demolition of long-time landmarks in the community that can bring some locals to the point of being a bit, well, emotional, because of the memories made there.

To many, one such South Boston Landmark is Mul’s Diner on West Broadway. If there are any residents, whether life long, long time or new arrivals that have never enjoyed a hearty breakfast at Mul’s, the number is certainly small. The large fluffy pancakes and French Toast are sumptuous, and the eggs are always cooked just how you like them.  The coffee is some of the best around and comes in those quaint traditional mugs.  And everything is served up quickly and by friendly wait staff who always make patrons feel welcome.

Mul’s has been the go to meeting place for elected officials from all over, members of the clergy, business people or just family and friends who want that great tasting meal in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere. But it seems that the old saying ‘All good things come to an end eventually’ applies to Mul’s Diner as well, because it will be demolished in the very near future. It may be replaced by a proposed 6-story development. The City of Boston’s Zoning Board of Appeals approved the proposal in June of last year. A few days ago, the developer was said to have filed an application for demolition. So, it may not be too long now that the famous shiny chrome building known by generations of Bostonians as Mul’s will be just a fond memory.