Beware of Grinches Stealing Christmas Packages from Doors Steps

Tis the season of peace, love and good will toward all, as far as most people are concerned. But police remind us to be aware that even though most people would never think of doing so, like most years, there still could be those who prowl the streets looking for delivered packages to steal. Yes, even in South Boston and especially during the Christmas season when there are considerably more delivered items left on door steps by FEDEX, UPS , the US Postal Service and other delivery services.

Losing those special gifts that often cost quite a bit of money can put a damper of anyone’s Christmas spirit. And it’s not just the monetary worth that makes delivered gifts so valuable. Most often a lot of thought and love goes into selecting just the right gift for the special people in our lives, which makes it even worse if they are stolen. But there are precautions we can all take to cut down the odds that we will be victims of these thefts.

Police sources have suggested a type of neighborhood watch agreement between neighbors that can foil even the most determined thieves from success. One plan is to select one or more neighbors to work with each other. Whenever someone sees a package on the door steps of a nearby neighbor, they take it into their own homes and either bring it by when the neighbor returns home or at least notify them that they have the delivered package, which can be picked up at their convenience. If each neighbor involved in the agreement does the same for one another it will greatly lower the chance that the item will be stolen.

Cameras: Security cameras are coming down in price at a rapid rate. You can go high tech and spend a lot of money on a state-of-the-art security/video system. As most know, there are security systems like ‘Ring’ that will shoot live video footage to your phones whenever there is movement outside your home and you can even communicate by audio to anyone on the premises.

But you don’t have to spend a lot to get good results. Stores like Walmart, Bass Pro-Shops and Cabelas sell ‘Game Cameras’ used by hunters that cost as little as $25 and take excellent still pictures, as well as video. Positioned at the proper angles they can catch on the SD cards, the image of the thieves themselves and even the license plate numbers, if the thieves are using vehicles for their getaway.

But the neighborhood watch method is probably the way to go and, if all are in agreement, it won’t cost a dime; just neighbors helping neighbors to keep the community safe and crime free. As law enforcement sources will tell you, word spreads quickly among criminals. If they know that there are people watching out for one another in a certain area, they will go elsewhere to commit their crimes.  And South Boston people have always been famous for watching out for one another.

So we hope this word of caution will remind all to keep your eyes open for the package thieves this year.  If we all work together it will ensure that this Christmas season will be Merry.