Celebrating Valentine’s Day in Southie Next Thursday? Of Course

    Yes, the weather is freezing and though it could be a whole lot worse, it’s not been a friendly winter.  But, none of that should interfere with Valentine’s Day in South Boston – 2019, which arrives next Thursday, February 14th.  Flowers, candy, dinner, maybe a chilled bottle of wine in a romantic setting; all of these things and more often come to mind when couples; whether married or dating think of Valentine’s Day. This unique, unofficial holiday is said to have been based on the legend of one or more early Christian Saints named ‘Valentinus’. The most well-known St. Valentine lived during the time of the Roman Empire and was said to have performed weddings for soldiers who were forbidden to marry while in the Roman Army. Captured, arrested and later executed for his ‘crimes’, his fame lives on to this day.

    Restaurants prepare for the occasion by making their establishments extra appealing, creating that romantic atmosphere that softly states that yes indeed, this is a special day in the hearts of those in love. Reservations often need to be made well in advance if you expect to be able to get a table. And often the big question of ‘Will you marry me?’ is popped as many engagements over the centuries have commenced on February 14th.

    Here in South Boston we have quite a few fine establishments more than capable of accommodating the most perfectly thought out plans. Whether it’s a small venue like Café Porto Bello on East Broadway or the larger setting at Lincoln or Capo on West Broadway or perhaps Coppersmiths located at 40 West Third Street and a number of other places offering fine dining. We have some of the best restaurants and florists that can be found anywhere And if you really want to make it that special day to remember, well, gold, diamonds and other precious stones can be found locally at Murphy’s Jewelers  at 403 W. 1st Street with selections to rival any of the larger chain stores. If you don’t see what you want, Bill Cosetta; owner of Murphy’s can get it for you.

    You may want to grab a warm cup of great coffee from PS Gourmet Coffee; some of the best that can be found anywhere in America and just take in a romantic sunrise or sunset walk at Castle Island or along Carson Beach and that part of the day won’t cost you a penny more but might bring rewards worth far more than material items if it sets the mood just right. Whatever is needed to have a wonderful Valentine’s Day can be found right here in our neighborhood. Why not take advantage?

    It’s Valentine’s Day and if you’re married, engaged or romantically involved in any way, here’s a bit of advice from your friends here at South Boston Today; particularly for the guys: You could be in for some serious trouble if you find that you have forgotten this of all days. And finally, if nothing else, stop and think back to the first time you saw that special someone and what it was that made your heart move like it never has before and celebrate the love of your life. Happy Valentine’s Day to all next week!