Critical Health Insurance Benefits For Surviving Spouses Of Firefighters

Representative Nick Collins recently filed H.4057, An Act Concerning Health Insurance Benefits for Surviving Spouses of Firefighters in the City of Boston. The legislation is intended to allow the surviving spouse of a Firefighter in the City of Boston to continue to access the group health insurance benefits regardless of remarriage. At the moment, a surviving spouse is no longer eligible for the group health insurance if he or she decides to remarry. The bill is a ‘Home-Rule’ petition that passed the Boston City Council and was approved by the Mayor in November. “We are thankful for the hard work of first responders in this City, and we will never to stop working to ensure that they and their families have every protection” said Rep. Collins. “With each new fire or emergency, we are reminded of the tremendous sacrifices made by families of first responders. This legislation would be one small token of gratitude to those families, ensuring they can live in dignity and health regardless of how they choose to move on with their lives.” The bill was heard by the Joint Committee on Public Service on Tuesday, where Firefighters, Legislators, and members of the public were there to hear testimony. The Committee will now deliberate the bills future.