Ed Flynn Humbly Asks For Your Vote

As this election approaches its conclusion this upcoming Tuesday, November 7th, I would like to extend my best wishes to my neighbors and thank you for the hospitality that you have extended to me, my family, and my supporters as we knocked on thousands of doors and made tens of thousands of phone calls throughout our district. I have had the pleasure of meeting many new neighbors and becoming re-acquainted with so many longtime friends throughout South Boston, Chinatown, the South End, Downtown, Back Bay, Bay Village and Beacon Hill.


Beginning in March, I have spoken out on many important issues through public hearings, house parties, literature, press releases and candidate forums. These issues include improving our Boston Public Schools and providing support for our teachers, keeping our streets safe, and developing a plan to increase recovery services via the re-opening of the Long Island Treatment facility. I have led the fight against overdevelopment in our neighborhoods and proposed a Bus Rapid Transit plan to bring our district the reliable transportation it deserves. I have called for the creation of a Domestic Violence Committee on the Boston City Council, as well as the regulation of short term rental platforms like AirBnB to prevent large corporations from driving up the cost of rent and displacing our residents. Following recent reports of more than 63,000 needles found this past September, I have called for the creation Special Services Division to monitor our city parks and playgrounds to ensure the safety of our children and families.


Government serves us best when it takes seriously the legitimate concerns of its citizens and civic organizations. I have not just listened to your concerns, but have been out front in this race every step of the way on issues affecting our most basic government services.


I promise to keep my commitments to the people of District 2. I will:


      Do all I can to support our young people and families, especially when it comes to issues such as education, youth fulfillment opportunities and mental and behavioral health;

      Promise to ensure that our seniors receive the respect and dignity they deserve;

      Demonstrate my firm belief that the people who reside in a neighborhood should have a say in what happens in their neighborhood;

      Advocate for collective bargaining and equal pay for equal work.


I thank you for your support and I humbly ask for your vote on Tuesday, November 7th. If elected, I will listen to your concerns, be accessible, and work hard every day to deliver results for all of our neighborhoods. If you need a ride to the polls, please call us at 617-302-0686 or 617-302-0685.



Ed Flynn