“Final Confession’ by South Boston’s Own, Brian Wallace, A TV Series

    They say good things will come to those who wait. If you look in the dictionary next to those words you will see a picture of Brian Wallace. Brian and Bill Crowley, a retired Boston police officer, wrote Final Confession in 2000, and have had some major interest from people like Robert DeNiro, Ellen Pompeo, of Grey’s Anatomy, optioned Final Confession two years ago to make a movie from the book, but her production team could not decided fit was a movie or a tv series, so it became neither. A few years before that another producer, CW Brinker, who produced Boondock Saints in Boston a while ago optioned Final Confession. He was getting ready to cast for the movie and had a heart attack and died at 42 years of age. “I thought the book was cursed,” Wallace laughed, but along came Larry Potash, the #! Newsman in Chicago as well as a producer and screenwriter. He fell in love with Final Confession, which is still selling on Amazon, and did a satellite interview with Wallace from Channel 5 studios in Needham. He cast the show and it will be part of a series called “Backstory”

    Larry Potash grew up in Lynn and graduated from Emerson College. He grew up down the street from Kay Jewelers which is a major story in Final Confession and he settled in Chicago which is also a major part of the book. The show “Backstory” will be shown on WGN -TV 9 in Chicago and will be streamed. “I always knew that this book, which attracted people like DeNiro, Scorcese, Ellen Pompeo, Chris Brinker and others was destined for either the big screen or the little screen or both,” Wallace stated. The book has undergone somewhat of a revival and they are ordering another printing to keep up with the demand. If at first you don’t succeed, try, try again.