Flynn Talks Pedestrian Safety with Neighbor

Boston City Councilor Ed Flynn met with residents regarding pedestrian safety at the corner of Farragut Road & East Broadway following a recent crash at the intersection. Invited by neighbors, Flynn took the opportunity to be accessible and responsive to their concerns about public safety. Flynn relayed that pedestrian safety and making our roads safe for all is a top priority for him as the City Councilor. In particular, Flynn expressed concern for the elderly, the disabled and children.

“I think about my parents walking around South Boston with my nephew and how difficult it can be for them to cross the street,” said Flynn. “Like a lot of families, we come down here to Evans Field to see our son play baseball or to play street hockey in the Donny Higgins Tournament today.” Flynn informed neighbors of ongoing talks with Boston Police and Commissioner Evans, the Dept. of Public Works and Commissioner Fiandaca at the Transportation Dept. regarding short-term and long-term steps to improve safety in South Boston. Flynn stated that Transportation would perform a study this week on Farragut Road to monitor the number of cars and speed. Vision Zero policies have also been discussed, like more Speed Boards in the community to provide motorist feedback.

Flynn captured the sentiment of the crowd in noting how fortunate it was to not have more serious injuries from the crash. “We’re all thankful to see Katie Donovan with her family here. We wish you and your son the best in your recovery.”

Topics of conversation shifted to cut-through traffic from Day Blvd, slowing down traffic on Day Blvd, narrowing Farragut Road to slow down traffic, bumping out the sidewalk to improve the visibility of stop signs there, increased Pedestrian Crossing signs or blinking signs, STOP/PED XING written in the pavement on the road, the need for a comprehensive study, reducing the speed limit even further in certain areas in the community, greater enforcement for violations by cars and trucks, installing traffic cameras, speed bumps or rumble strips, as well as more discussion on the city’s Vision Zero initiative.

Flynn said,” This is just a first step in what I hope will lead to improved safety for our residents and their families. Thank you to Mayor Walsh, Congressman Lynch, Councilor At-Large Flaherty and Senator Collins for their leadership on this issue. I will continue to work with my colleagues and relevant City of Boston departments on this endeavor. “For more information or constituent service issues, please contact Councilor Flynn’s office at 617-635-3203 or [email protected]