Gate of Heaven CYO “All-Star” Game

Article by Marie Laundry

Photos by Sean Monahan

            In the most exciting game of the season, the winning team coached by Allison Baker and Jacqueline Beggan, grabbed the victory by one point! The girls wearing white are Talia Scott, Isabel Sheehan, Iris Gjoka, Gia LaMonica, Melena McGahan, Patricia Casper and Brigid Fitzgerald.

The team wearing blue, coached by Christina McDonagh, were Caleigh Houlihan, Phoebe Alto, Kiera Lombard, Brooke Doocey, Tessa Joyce and Caitlyn Noonan. Running the scoring table was first place coach, Emily Harris and longtime volunteer, Mary Kate Hart. Marie Laundry, director of the girl’s program and referee, was excited to see the improvement shown after (15) weeks of Gatey’s house league program.

            Special thanks to Kevin Lally, Sean Monahan, John McGahan, Cheech, and the teenagers who work at the Walsh Center who keep the building in such good shape.