Gatey Hoop Notes

By Gatey Volunteer Staff

On Sunday, March 4, at the McDonough gym, the Gate of Heaven CYO basketball program held their end-of-the season house league girls’ all-star games, the boys’ instructional league all-star game, as well as the championship finals in the boys’ cadet and midget house league divisions.

Opening up the day was the girls’ house league all-star game. Gatey Purple realized an early 11-6 lead against Gatey White, and led at the half, 19-6. Gatey White played tough in the second half but fell short, 33-21. Megan Harrison was the MVP for Gatey Purple and Teagan Fitzgerald was the MVP for Gatey White. The girls’ instructional league all-star game (1st and 2nd grade girls) also thrilled the crowd with their display of great basketball. The girls have been hard at work every Saturday morning since October honing their skills. They’re fortunate to have outstanding coaches, as epitomized in Allison Baker and CYO Legend, Marie Laundry.

Marie Laundry, the girl’s house league commissioner, was proud of the girls who participated in the program this season and appreciates all the assistance the Gatey program receives to make it so successful year after year.

“After sixteen weeks of practice and games, the all-star games highlighted the skills the girls have learned,” said Laundry. “Seventh graders, Megan Harrison and Colleen Lombard, scored 28 points between them to give their team the win! I say a ‘Thank You’ to fellow seventh graders, Sara Galvin and Katherine Baszkiewicz, for their commitment and contribution to our program.

“As with every successful program there are many people to thank,” Laundry added. “…from the coaches, the referees, the sponsors, the staff at the gym site, the players, and to the parents and the volunteers, who give their time and effort. I would also like to thank Gate of Heaven CYO Athletic Director, Kevin Lally, coaches Allison Baker, Christina McDonagh, Margaret Keaveny, and Jean Harrison, as well as the high school-age volunteers, Jackie Beggan, Emily Harris, Emily Hart, Mary Kate Hart, Allison McGough, Julia Casper, and Lauren Woods.

“Finally,” Laundry concluded. “I’d like to thank Cheech and his (McDonough) gym staff, the league sponsors (Barbara Caputo Club/Kelly Collins Club/Sister Pat Club/O’Brien and Son’s Funeral Club) and give an especially huge shout-out to the Gavin Foundation and Executive Director, John McGahan, who provide us with the gym, and opportunity, to continue to bring ‘Gatey CYO’ to the youth of South Boston.”

The boy’s midget league final game pitted the first place team, coached by Paul Hogan, against the hottest team down the stretch, the East Boston Savings Bank, coached by Wynn Matthews and Bob McGarrell. It didn’t look like anyone would beat the East Boston Savings Club the last half of the year. They had a strong defense, good ball handling, outside shooting and great rebounding. In Sunday’s game, all of that was on display, but their shots just weren’t falling. They were getting the offensive rebounds and taking good high percentage shots, but it was an off day offensively for Savings Club, as the Ryan Club outscored the East Boston Savings Club, 20-9. As usual, the offense from Savings was spread around with Greg Matthews scoring four points, two each from Paul Downey and Jack Reidy and one from Evan Filozov.

Despite the ferocious defense by the East Boston Savings Club, Robert Wisniewski from the Ryan Club was not to be denied. He netted 13 hard-earned points from inside the paint while Evan Pierce scored 7. After a few tough years with this team, Robert leaves the midget league after playing the game of his life when it counted the most. The defense of Trey Miller, Ronan Manning, Chase Bonny and Gavin Ekman forced Savings to outside shots and Alex Bealieu set some great picks to free up the scorers and had a number of key rebounds down the stretch. (Please note the boys’ cadet league championship is featured in a separate piece.)

The boys’ instructional league all-star game (1st and 2nd grade boys) put on quite a show for the packed gym, with the Blue team edging the Black team, 10-6. The fans weren’t disappointed. The novice players displayed all the skills they learned the last five months: dribbling, passing, shooting, rebounding and a textbook zone defense. They learned these skills under the tutelage of the Master Michael Donovan, along with Fred Haddad, and the Gatey boys’ instructional and midget league commissioner, Sean Monahan. We couldn’t do it without the dedicated teen coaches: Tommy White, Eddie Murray, Connor Strickland, Jake Harrison, Owen Donovan, James Buzzell and Dan Mahoney. Mahoney had his debut at refereeing Sunday who was paired with Strickland who is a veteran from last year.

“The Gate of Heaven CYO Program capped off another successful season last Sunday,” said Monahan. “We would like to thank all the coaches, sponsors, Cheech, the Gavin Foundation and John McGahan, for all their help and support throughout the year.

“We would also like to acknowledge the following Gatey house and travel league coaches,” Monahan stated further. “They are Greg Lally, Matt Beggan, Brendan Kelly, Peter Alto, Kelly Sanborn, Paul Hogan, Bobby McGarrell, James Schallmo, Scott Bell, Ed Flynn, Kevin Cox, Walter Steele, Ralph Mazzeo, Wynn Matthews, Jerry Galvin. Matt Hogan, and Billy Crowley. I hope I didn’t miss anyone.

“And lastly without doubt,” Monahan concluded. “We’re truly grateful to SOUTH BOSTON TODAY for giving the Gatey CYO program such outstanding coverage this entire season.”


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CAPTION***       Pictured at the McDonough gym last Sunday are the Gate of Heaven CYO girls house league all-stars with Gatey commissioners, Sean Monahan and Marie Laundry, Coach Allison Baker and Christina McDonagh, and league volunteers, Jacqueline Beggan and Lauren Woods.


CAPTION***    Pictured at the McDonough gym last Sunday (from left to right) is Mary Kate Hart, Lauren Woods, Jacqueline Beggan, Allison McGough, Allison Baker, Christina McDonagh, and Marie Laundry.


CAPTION***           Pictured last Sunday at the McDonough gym are Gatey house league hoop officials, Brad Hill and James Donovan.

PIC NUMBER FIVE- 0199 (gray shirts)

CAPTION***   Pictured last Sunday at the McDonough gym is the Ryan Club, coached by Paul Hogan. The players are: Robert Wisniewski, Ryan Alexander, Ronan Manning, Alex Beaulieu, Evan Pierce, Gavin Ekman, Cam Flood, Chase Bonny, Kyle Bonny, Trey Miller, and Tom Gillis. (not all players pictured)

PICTURE NUMBER SIX- 0202  (green shirts)

CAPTION***       Pictured last Sunday at the McDonough gym is the East Boston Savings Club, coached by Wynn Matthews. The players are: Ryan McGarrell, Nolan Young, Paul Downey, Greg Matthews, Ian White, Desmond, Cikacz, Finn Cawley, Evan Filozov, Tim Whelan, Jack Reidy, and James Posehl. (not all players pictured)