Gatey Instructional All-Star Game

   On Sunday, February 10, the Gate of Heaven CYO boys’ instructional basketball league all-star game was played at the Walsh Center. The players had a great time and are already looking forward to play again next season.

    “Mike (Donovan) and I had another great year,” said Gatey Commissioner, Sean Monahan. “We had tremendous help from Fred Haddad and our high school volunteers, Eddie Murray, Owen Donovan, Connor Strickland, James Buzzell and Tommy White.

   “These first and second graders this season were a very attentive group,” Monahan added. “We started at the end of October, and through the winter, these kids learned the basics of basketball, dribbling, shooting, passing, zone defense and offense. It’s unusual for players of this age to pass so well, using both sides of the court and trying to pass the ball inside the three-second zone. The zone defense was perfect, with each player staying disciplined and defending their zone.

   “These kids showed up every Saturday to work on their skills and you could see the results in that game,” he further stated. “We were thrilled with the skills these players displayed for the all-star game. Many parents were astonished at how much these kids improved since last fall and so were we. These kids had fun all year and that made it fun for us as well. And, we’re looking forward to see how much they improve again next year.”