Helipad Construction on Hold: An Update

Helipad on the roof of a skyscraper with cityscape view


Helipad on the roof of a skyscraper with cityscape view


For those following the issue of the proposed Boston Helipad and haven’t yet heard, the building of it and the location are both on hold, at least for now.

It seems that city and state officials were listening and paying close attention to objections raised by not only local residents but also business owners who have voiced strong concerns at the least and some outright opposition.

The hearing on the project which was scheduled for last Monday, which would have been the second meeting, was cancelled with no word as to when or if there will be another. 

The Raymond L Flynn Marine Park was the proposed site of the helipad but concerns about noise and traffic and even if there was a need at all for it, considering the area’s close proximity to Logan Airport and the Ted Williams Tunnel have put all plans in Limbo.

The proposal for the Helipad was made as part of a 120 million dollar incentive to bring the General Electric Company to Boston. These funds would come from State Funds; taxpayer’s money which is another reason for opposition on the part of some residents. Officials have now stated that other potential sites for the helipad will be considered in the ongoing search for a suitable location.

A recent article in the Boston Globe had a quote from Jay Ash, who is an economic development aide to Governor Baker saying the following: “We want to make sure we’re doing the right thing. GE would benefit from it but so would other companies.”

Doing the right thing is by far what is needed. Said one local opponent of the Helipad in response to the comment by Ash: “Doing the right thing should always be the way to go. And listening to the legitimate concerns of impacted businesses and residents should always be a priority before considering any project in the City of Boston or anywhere else for that matter.”

So as it stands at this time, the Helipad is on hold with no decision made at the current time as to its future – at least publically.