If You Didn’t Pay Attention, Don’t Complain

Nearly 90 applications were submitted to the Community Preservation Committee of Boston, which projects annual funding of $20 Million, for the round of funding that had a September 2018 submission date.

Of the 90, South Boston submitted a grand total of ONE. It is an Open Space project at Medal Of Honor Park, which will continue the historic model black iron fence on west and east sides of park and add six new benches along with backs to those currently there, most of which are backless and unsuitable for elderly with a cost of $350,000. The CPA Program. There will be a late February City Council scheduled for a hearing and approval of the final slate.

The Committee’s project review date is Monday evening, February 11th from 6-8pm at 26 Court Street, Boston 02108.   This is the link to the current submissions under review –


According to the City’s website ( https://www.boston.gov/community-preservation ) , the Community Preservation Committee and staff will take a short break after the current funding consideration. The next round of funding will likely be announced in late Spring or Summer 2019 and follow the same schedule as the current round.

Helpful Guidelines:

Affordable Housing – all applicants are required to complete Department of Neighborhood

Development (DND) housing proposal materials. You can find them posted on the DND webpages

Historic Preservation – the Community Preservation Committee hopes to see a commitment to

ongoing stewardship of a historic resource. This includes a “Conditions Assessment” or capital master plan, as well as a history of fundraising and upkeep. The City of Boston must follow the state’s “Anti-Aid” law which means that any privately-owned historic resource must have public use and access.

Parks & Open Space – if your project is on public land, please make sure you have been in contact with the agency responsible for care and maintenance to discuss project implementation and oversight before you apply. Contact us if you need help connecting to the appropriate people.

Design and Planning – the Committee prefers applications that include construction to complete a

project. They don’t want to fund a design that will not be implemented in the short-term.

The application will change before the next round of funding, but you can get a general idea from the current materials and learn more at www.boston.gov/cpa

There are a number of Open Space & Public Beautification Funding Sources that include the following:

Love Your Block – deadline March 1, 2019

Mini grants for beautification and neighborhood clean ups from Boston’s Office of Civic


Edward Ingersoll Browne Fund – deadline March 15, 2019

To create works of “public utility and beauty, for the use and enjoyment of the inhabitants of the

City of Boston.”

George B. Henderson Foundation – deadlines May 10 and October 4, 2019

Grants to enhance the physical appearance of the City of Boston including parks, city streets,

buildings, monuments, architecture, and sculpture.

Smith Family Foundation – deadline February 7 for small capital grants; letter of intent needed

for mid-size grants.

Grants to effect permanent positive change in the lives of the individuals and families in

economically disadvantaged communities of Greater Boston.

Mass Cultural Facilities Fund – annual deadline usually in January. Supports capital projects that promote cultural tourism; expand access and education in the arts, humanities, and sciences; and improve the quality of life in cities and towns across the Commonwealth.

Solomon Foundation – contact them to learn more: 781-431-1440. Works to significantly improve Boston’s major parks and greenways.

Pay Attention South Boston. At the very least, send the committee a supportive letter for the current Medal of Honor Park submission or attend the February 11 meeting.