Letter to the Editor

I’d like to urge my friends and neighbors across South Boston to vote for Matt Rusteika for State Representative on Tuesday, September 4.

I’ve known Matt his whole life. My husband and I were close friends with his grandparents, Jack and Patsy Rush, and the Rusteikas remain family friends. Matt has always been a hard worker, but this campaign proves it. All summer I’ve watched him as he has made his way through every part of the neighborhood, knocking on doors and listening to our concerns. He has been particularly attentive to long-time residents like me.

With all the growth and development happening in South Boston, it’s more important now than it has ever been to have a representative who will stand up for what’s best for the neighborhood. Matt will be that type of representative. He speaks his mind.

Southie couldn’t be better represented on Beacon Hill. If you want to make sure South Boston’s future includes the best of its past and present, I recommend a vote for Matt Rusteika on September 4.

Mary Gregorio