Meet Tristan Pecevich Student-athlete focused at all times

He’s a reserved youngster who is doing well in school and dedicated to having fun on the playing fields. His name is Tristan Pecevich. Tristin, 11, is in the sixth grade at the Oliver Hazard Perry School located on East Seventh Street. He is an Honor Roll caliber student and his favorite  subject is math. Someday if he doesn’t make it as a professional basketball player he’d pursue a career as a veterinarian.

Tristan’s favorite color is yellow. His favorite food is chicken. His favorite player is Kyrie Irving, star point guard for the Boston Celtics. In his leisure time, Tristan enjoys watching Netflix movies, playing video games, and playing gin rummy with family members.

In the world of sports, our featured youngster has been busy. For the past four years, he has  participated in STRP-the summer tennis/ fitness and reading program called Tenacity. Tenacity is sponsored by the City of Boston and the New Balance Foundation and held annually in July and August at 23 public parks in Boston. Tristan attends lessons held at Moakley Park and this past summer made it into the finals.

In baseball Tristan was impressive on the mound last summer, boasting a 9-1 record on his South Boston Little League team, which finished the regular season in first place. He was the only ten-year old to be selected to be on the twelve- year old Williamsport All-Star team. Tristan has also played in the South Boston Youth Soccer League since he was knee high to a grass- hopper and is active in the Gate of Heaven CYO basketball  program.

“I like playing baseball, tennis, soccer, and basketball,” Tristan said. “I like scoring goals in soccer and playing defense. I like batting and pitching in baseball but like everything about basketball. I just have a lot of fun.” Tristan’s dad, Stephen, is proud of his son and rightly so. “He’s doing great in school and in doing fantastic in math,” said his dad. “He’s a leader and helps out friends
with their homework. I’m proud that he has stepped up as a leader, leading by example and helping others. He’s a good kid with a good set of values. “I love the fact that as well as he’s doing in sports, Tristan’s having ‘fun’ and is enjoying himself,” his dad added. “And I think that’s important for him to do so. But… I’m more proud of his academic accomplishments. “I’m a fortunate man,” he concluded. “I have three athletes. I’m proud of his sisters. Tari is on the JV soccer and basketball teams at Boston Latin School, and Sydni, who has been battling brain cancer, has been courageous. I tell them all the time that I’m proud of them and love them.”