Micro Plant Studio—a creative new take on the traditional flower, plant and gift shop—opened a year ago in South Boston and is celebrating its official ribbon cutting and one-year anniversary.  Micro Plant Studio is located at 365 West Broadway near the corner of E Street, has its grand opening on January 25, 2018, at 7pm. Our location is conveniently located on the MBTA red line and Bus 9.

    The vision of Boston-based artist Julio César Román, Micro Plant Studio’s founder/owner and graduate of Boston’s School of the Museum of Fine Arts and Tufts University, Micro Plant Studio consist of both a showroom and a flexible arts studio. “It all started with my personal succulent collection, I started after recovering from surgery,” César Román’s notes. “This expanded into an online website collection and we are now excited to open our South Boston space.”  César Román collaborated with Boston architect Elvin Saya on the final concept for Micro Plant Studio’s physical studio.

    The showroom sells a variety of seasonal fresh cut flowers and houseplants, including 20 different types  of  succulents  and  the  ever-mysterious  Venus  flytrap.  The  showroom  also  features  50 different  styles  of  micro  pots,  100  decorative/fairy  garden  toys,  plant-inspired  artwork,  and  a balloon-stuffing  machine  that  allows  guests  to  custom-fill  balloons  with  small  plants,  stuffed animals, photos, gift cards, and more. The studio features Roman’s own artwork and photographs.

    “We carefully designed the showroom to embrace the beautiful elements of nature – green and brown colors, textures, lighting – at the same time reinforcing the company’s brand and celebrating the uniqueness of each plant, flower, and product,” says César Román.  “We want to make sure guests of all ages and backgrounds have fun when they come in to the space, hence playful merchandise names like our ‘Whim,’ ‘Zoom,’ ‘Soulful,’ and ‘Critter’ collections.”

    Guests can also reserve the space to host private, community building workshops and events such as creating terrariums, painting, and making floral vessels. “The studio is a space where people are encouraged to create art, be inspired by art and nature, learn from each other, be part of a shared community space, and increase their sense of community by networking with others,” observes César Román.

    Micro Plant Studio is open

    Mondays – Fridays 11AM – 7PM and

    Saturdays and Sundays 11AM – 5PM ET.

    For more information, call 617-855-8785, or visit microplantstudio.com.