More Drug Busts in Southie

Both the Boston Police and Federal Law Enforcement personnel (DEA) are receiving high praise for a job well done after what is said to be two major drug busts last Thursday.

Edward Kneif, age 47, was arrested for allegedly dealing drugs including Heroin and Fentanyl.  Kneif lives at 501 East Broadway, in South Boston.

 In a separate bust, two suspects were arrested for also dealing drugs. In this raid, the suspects were said to be in possession with intent to sell quantities of GHB which is also called a ‘Date Rape’ substance as well as Fentanyl, Methamphetamine and Crack-Cocaine. The names of the suspects arrested in this bust were Edward Hamill, age 37 who lives at 50 West Broadway and David Maxwell, age 53, who resides at 5 Mohawk Street. This raid was named ‘Operation Tomahawk’ by law enforcement.  Boston Police and DEA agents; armed with warrants actually broke down the door of Hamill’s apartment to get in.

Maxwell was hit with a $500,000 bail and Hamill’s bail was set at $200,000. Police staked out the addresses after receiving complaints from neighbors about what they believed was large scale drug dealing going on from these addresses.  Both Maxwell and Hamill have pleaded Not Guilty to the charges.

In addition to the drugs taken from the addresses, nearly $50,000 in cash was confiscated as well as what is believed to be approximately $1,800 in counterfeit money. There was also a handgun removed from the scene.

As was stated above, law enforcement was made aware of the suspected drug dealing activity by neighbors tipping them off. Police have always emphasized how important it is to receive these tips from residents. The cooperation between people in the neighborhood and police is essential to putting an end to dangerous illegal activity and have repeated the request that “If you see something, say something.”