Officials not sure of the motive behind the Police Car Bombing


Law enforcement officials, at least as of this writing, still aren’t sure what the motive was behind the bombing of a Police cruiser in South Boston but there is an ongoing investigation into the case. Boston Police, state officials and the Joint Task Force on Terrorism as well as tips from the public all combined to lead to the arrest of a suspect, who police believe to be responsible for this bombing last week.

It was last Friday, January 20th at approximately 8:55am when an incendiary device; a propane tank was noticed up against the cruiser parked on the West Broadway on the bridge above the South Boston Access Road. This tank was said to also have had what was thought to be a detonation device of some sort attached which set off the first of the two if not both explosions. Quick action by police enabled them to keep members of the public out of harm’s way as well as to pull the cruiser away from the device before it went off and move it to a safe location as well.  

After an investigation that took just two days, police arrested 42 year old Asim Kieta whose is believed to be homeless but formerly from Dorchester. He was picked up, without a struggle in Charlestown in a black Toyota Camry that was registered in his name. On the day of the explosion, cameras in the area caught his image emerging from his car wearing a pink hooded sweatshirt and carrying a bag believed to contain the explosive device. This image was then put out on the Boston Police websites and was also picked up and shared by local South Boston newspapers and on the social media sites of numerous citizens.

In a press conference after the arrest was made, Boston Police Commissioner William Evans stated that the motive behind the attempted bombing of the cruiser was not known as of yet but they were looking into all possibilities. Evans, who credited the great work of his department and the other assisting agencies as well as the public also stated that there was no evidence at least at this time that the incident was related to any type of organized terror plot.

Asim Kieta was being held on a $750,000 cash bail and is being charged with Assault with intent to murder, assault with a dangerous weapon, attempted assault on police officers, arson and unlawful possession of an incendiary device.

Suffolk County District Attorney Daniel Conley stated the following: “The device was placed on a bridge near a marked cruiser near a Boston Police District Station.” He went on to say “that it was next to a busy sidewalk on a heavily travelled street at the height of the morning commute and there was serious risk of grave injury and much worse.”

During his press conference, Commissioner Evans revealed that there have been other recent instances of police cars being vandalized around the city. This latest incident again highlights the need to take extra safety precautions to safeguard not only the lives of the public at large but also police personnel. Law enforcement officials from every agency stress the importance of having the help of private citizens in reporting any and all suspicious looking activity. The public’s assistance is vital in protecting the public safety of all.