Open Letter To The South Boston Community Remembering Father Laporte

    Dear Residents of South Boston:

     I am currently writing a book about the life of Father Joseph E. Laporte, (1932-1965), whose statue stands directly across from the, “Curley Center,” (formerly the L Street bath house). This project has been in the making for about 1 ½ years, which includes interviews of those who knew and were close to him.

    Before I complete his story, I am asking anyone who may have some photographs of him to share them for this book. There was a reason a statue was erected in his honor and that why this book is being written. I grew up in the Old Harbor Projects and Father Laporte had a profound effect on me and many others. Thus, if you have any photos or some information you would like to share you can contact me at the below address:

    Wally T. Stafford

    P.O. Box 092

    Sea Girt, New Jersey 07859