Police Arrest Mobile Drug Dealer on O’Callaghan Way

SBT Staff Report/Information Provided by BPD

Last week, Boston Police report that while the BPD Drug Control Unit was conducting an ongoing drug investigation in the area of 270 O’Callaghan Way in the Maryellen McCormack Housing Development, they pulled over a pickup truck being driven by 38-year-old Daniel Lincoln of Revere.

The arresting officers are assigned to the neighborhood drug control unit and were work out of the South Boston C-6 station. When the officers searched the truck’s interior they discovered a large haul and a big variety of illegal drugs and a substantial amount of cash. Some of the drugs had actually been baked into edible items such as cookies and Rice Krispy style treats possibly ready for consumption.

The following is a list of drugs and other items found in the truck:

-Approximately 4 ounces of marijuana.

-2 23 vials of liquid THC

-160 vials containing 4 edible THC gummies

-$2640 in US Currency

-Various prescription medications packaged for distribution including Adderall, Alprazolam and Diazepam.

-216 packaged and pre-rolled THC cigars.

-34 tins containing THC chocolate bars.

-Numerous chocolate chip cookies and Rice Krispy treats containing THC packaged for distribution

-Scales, packaging materials and various smoking paraphernalia


Mr. Lincoln was arrested and charged with possession and intent to distribute Class B, Class C and Class D drugs. Asked to comment on the arrest and confiscated drugs, Boston Police Commissioner William Evans said the following: “Even with changes to the law, we are still seeing these drugs being sold illegally on the streets. THC and marijuana pose a risk to buyers who don’t know exactly what they are getting, and firearms and weapons are often involved. Due to the public safety risks that come with the illicit sale of THC and marijuana, my officers will work to continue to take these drugs off the streets in efforts to keep Boston safe.”

This arrest was the result of the continuing work the Boston Police are doing in their efforts to keep dangerous and illegal drugs from being bought, sold and used on the streets of Boston. Often these arrests are made possible because of the cooperation of citizens who contact police and report crimes in progress. Police officials urge members of the public to report any such suspicious activities by calling 911.