Police Seek Information on Brutal South Boston Attack

Police continue to investigate a brutal attack that took place in South Boston early Sunday morning, May 12th near the intersection of G and East 3rd Streets. According to police sources, it happened at approximately 1:00am, when a local resident attempted to quiet a large group of perhaps a dozen or more males and females, who were said to be causing a loud disturbance. The victim of the attack reportedly asked the crowd to keep the noise down, because there were families with young children that live in the area. The victim entered his home, but then came back out when the disturbance continued and asked the crowd for a second time to quiet down. It was then that he was allegedly attacked and severely beaten by at least 2 members of the crowd.

The victim suffered several face fractures and a chest injury. Descriptions of the 2 attackers are as follows: One had blonde hair, parted on the side and about 5’10’’. The other, about 6’1’’ with dark hair and both looked to be between 25-32 years old and wearing jeans and dark T-Shirts. The Boston Police are reviewing the circumstances regarding the incident and are asking for help from residents. Anyone who knows details about what took place are asked to contact Boston Police District C-6, Detectives at 617-343-4742.

Police also remind residents that you can report what you saw without giving your name by calling the Crime Stoppers Tip Line at 800-494-8477 or you can text TIP to CRIME 27463. The anonymous Crime Stoppers also reminds residents that the identities of those who report incidents are never made public.