Purple Shell: Incredible Asian Fusion Cuisine and a Unique Dining Experience

    When most people make special plans to dine out, two of the requirements when choosing which restaurant to go to are usually that there is great food and good service.  Of course, there are other considerations like location and atmosphere and the type of cuisine offered. But very often, trying a new place is also desired to get the sought-after change in the regular routine. Well, if trying out new and unique places for dinner is what you’re looking for, you are in luck. We’d like to recommend the ‘Purple Shell’. Because if you’re looking for pretty much all of the afore mentioned, the Purple Shell just might be the answer to your desires.

    Located at 11 West Broadway in South Boston, and owned by Jerry Chen, Purple Shell, which specializes in Asian Fusion cuisine, has it all. 

    The food is absolutely incredible, and the Asian Fusion is of the highest quality. Fresh ingredients, fresh fish from the docks, the menu offers fabulous choices and pairings, from cold or hot Tapas, main dishes, rice and noodles, soup and salads to Sushi, the Classic Maki and Signature Maki and so much more. A blending your taste buds will crave more of and keep you coming back. The drinks are another good reason to give Purple Shell a try. They have a good variety of Craft and standard beers and the mixed drinks themselves are a must to try.  Their variety of Craft Signature Cocktails are very popular and are one of the many specialties Purple Shell has become so well known for. And to add to the selection of superb food and drinks that makes Purple Shell one of the most popular and unique places to dine, is the fast and friendly service they boast. 

    This combination is what is making this incredible restaurant the place to go. But you don’t have to take our word for it.  The many numerous 5-star reviews that can be found on Google and other social media sites say it all. Typical of the comments by so many satisfied customers who have taken the time to send in reviews are “..loved every bite..”, .”.Definitely going back..”, “..Best Sushi in the city..”, “..it’s a hidden jewel..”, “the food and drink is the best, “I would recommend Purple Shell to all of my friends..”, “Love the lamb chops and the fast takeout service”,  and there are more reviews like this coming in every day.

    In addition to dining in, Purple Shell also provides takeout and delivery service.  They will deliver to any place within South Boston. They accept reservations and of course walk-ins are welcome too. And gift cards are also available. You can check out their website at www.purpleshellboston.com to see the menu, confirm the days and times they are open which could be subject to change due to additional compliance with changing state and city regulations and to find all the many easy ways to make reservations and to order takeout and delivery. You can also call by phone at 617-989-9982.

    South Boston Today had the pleasure of speaking with Jeremy Hatfield, who is the manager at Purple Shell.  It was clear by the conversation that he loves his job, is proud of the restaurant and is very enthusiastic about the great and unique dining experience Purple Shell has to offer and how satisfied the customers are when they leave after a delicious meal. And why wouldn’t he be proud? It’s all good – everything. The uniqueness of it is what Jeremy Hatfield says is one of the many things that is making Purple Shell so popular. It is quickly becoming the place to be if you enjoy dining on some of the best Asian Fusion food that can be found anywhere in Boston and beyond, great drinks to go with it, excellent service and an atmosphere that will make the experience memorable.