Includes funding for low income heating assistance programs, homeless shelters, sexual assault kits

 Representative David Biele joined his colleagues in the Massachusetts House of Representatives to pass a supplemental budget which addresses multiple areas including heating assistance, enhanced support for victims of sexual assault, and programs to help those battling homelessness.

The spending bill, approximately $135 million, highlights the House’s ongoing commitment in support of critical social service investments while balancing fiscal prudence; this practice has resulted in Massachusetts prioritizing its most vulnerable residents while maintaining a strong and diverse economy.

The supplemental budget makes key investments in crucial areas:

  • $30 million for Low Income Heating Energy Assistance to make up for Federal funding shortfalls;
  • $10 million to fund emergency assistance for homeless families;
  • $8 million for Sexual Assault Evidence Kits at the State Police Crime Lab; and
  • $39 million to fund ratified-collective bargaining agreements at various state agencies.

“This supplemental budget funds critical programs and supports the important work being done at the State Police Crime Lab regarding sexual assault cases,” said Rep. Biele.  “As we continue to face winter weather and cold temperatures, this legislation will have an immediate impact on our neediest families by providing heating assistance to low income families as well as emergency homeless assistance.”

The supplemental budget now heads to the Massachusetts State Senate for consideration.