State Representative Nick Collins (D-South Boston & Dorchester) voted last week with his colleagues in the House of Representatives to pass legislation that authorizes $200 million to reimburse municipalities for road, bridge, and infrastructure improvement projects. As part of an annual program, these dollars help mitigate the costs of repairs for cities and towns.

Nearly $15 million was allocated to help the City of Boston pay for repairs to roads and bridges. These Chapter 90 funds are typically appropriated annually around springtime to help cities and towns improve the safety and reliability of their infrastructure, particularly after the wear and tear of salt and sand from winter. “I am proud to stand with my colleagues and demonstrate our ongoing commitment to providing support to our partners in city government” said State Representative Nick Collins. “Everyone feels the effects of eroded roadways, and this money goes a long way in assisting the City in their repairs and maintenance to ensure that our roads are safe and efficient.”

The bill is expected to be approved by the Senate and Governor in the coming weeks, and then the funds go to the municipalities to be allocated to specific projects.