Ross, Flynn, Wallace and Frank All To Be At Sept. 24th Book Signing at Library

    It seems like the entire “From Broken Glass.” group will be in attendance on Monday, September, 24th at Southie Library at 7 PM to discuss their best-selling book, which was the subject of a recent Today Show segment that catapulted the book to best-seller status and sold out all of Amazon’s stock within four hours of the show.   It has remained #1 Kindle book on Amazon for the past month and has risen as high as #1 in Europe, where it is listed as #3 today. It has also been picked up by major publishers in France, Spain, England, Czech Republic, and Russia.

    The night will consist of the Today Show piece, a panel discussion a question and answer session and a book signing. If you have already purchased a book, and it seems a lot of people have, bring it with you so that the authors can sign it for you. For those who have not purchased a book, there will be plenty of books for sale at the Library.