Sal’s Club Hoop Champs

Defeat Welch Club to capture league title

By Kevin Devlin

On Tuesday evening, March 27, at the Tynan Community Center gymnasium, Sal’s Club defeated Peter Welch’s Gym Club, 77-62, to win the South Boston Basketball Association men’s winter league championship. South Boston Today’s MVP was sharpshooter, Miscal Vislaint, who netted 27 points, including five three-pointers.

In the first half, Sal’s Club went on an 11-0 run to take a 26-12 lead. The Peter Welch’s Gym Club subsequently went on a 6-0 run to cut the deficit; but still trailed at the half, 43-28. In the second half, both teams continued to knock down three-pointers. With 16:17 left on the game clock, Sal’s Club led 50-35, and it seemed as if they’d cruise to victory. Yet their opponent wasn’t about to pack it in. The Peter Welch’s Gym Club went on a 9-2 run to cut into the lead, and then with 8:22 remaining, trailed by only five, 61-56. But Sal’s Club was determined, and didn’t want this one to slip away, holding off their foe during the final five minutes to win the game.

For the Peter Welch’s Gym Club, Rick McNair was tremendous, scoring 24 points, including four three-pointers from downtown. Mike Balzarini had 16 points (four treys), James Evans had nine points (three treys), while Jay Bramwell had seven points. To round out the scoring for the champs, John Hynes had 18 points including two three-pointers. Marty Ridge was a monster off of the glass and had 11 points. John Costello also had 11 points (including three treys) while Mike Kinahan had eight points.

It was another great season-and a hard-fought championship tilt-for the local men’s league, overseen by Commissioner Eddie “Wilt” Curran. “It was a great, winter hoop season at the Tynan,” said Curran. “The games were competitive and the talent level (these guys can play) was evident throughout the season. “I would like to give a shout-out to the Tynan Community Center staff for allowing us to use the gym,” Curran added. “Tynan Program Supervisor Kathy Davis and her staff are special as far as I’m concerned. “I’d also want to thank the sponsors,” he concluded. “Without their generosity, this league, which is dedicated to the memory of the late John “Injun” Horan, would be in the history books. The sponsors are Sal’s Restaurant, The Broadway, the Quietman Golf Committee, Southie Auto Service, Sidewalk Café, Cranberry Café, Peter Welch’s Gym, and Sullivan’s Insurance Agency.

Commissioner Curran is looking for men’s hoop teams to play in the summer league on Tuesday and Thursday evenings. The games are played at the Michael Pano basketball courts located within “M” Street Park. Games begin in May and those interested can contact Ed Curran at [email protected]    


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Pic #1 for top of article—yellow shirts——either# 0206 or 0207 or 0208

Caption***        Pictured are the South Boston Basketball Association men’s winter league champions, the Sal’s Club. The players are: Ed “Wilt” Curran, Jeff Powers, Joey Chapin, John Hynes, Scott Lewis, John Costello, Marty Ridge, Mike Kinahan, and Miscal Vislaint.

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Caption****        Pictured are the South Boston Basketball Association men’s winter league finalists, the Peter Welch’s Gym Club. The players are: Rick McNair, James Evans, Kobe Ajoko, Mike Balzarini, Jay Bramwell, Tommy Moore, and Matt Smith (not pictured).

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Caption***     Certified (IAABO) basketball officials, Julius Leary (left) and David Shaw, did a tremendous job officiating the championship game.