State Senate Election Primary Is April 3

If Collins Is Elected Senator, Who will Run For State Rep.?

This coming Tuesday April 3rd is Election Day for the special election for State Senator of the First Suffolk District scheduled after the departure of former Senator Linda Dorcena Forry. Representative Nick Collins declared for the seat as soon as it happened, garnered enough signatures for the nomination and now stands for election without an opponent in the Democratic Primary. There are two opponents on the ballot for the general election but Collins path to victory appears likely.

The buzz around South Boston is that there are a number of potential candidates testing the waters to replace Collins and South Boston Today reached out and spoke to many of those rumored to be running, although it is possible that this list is not complete.

Here are the Aspirants:

Dave Biele, an attorney at the Dept. of Public Utilities for the Commonwealth and former aide to Rep. Collins stated: “Strongly considering it. I’m an attorney.  I’ve worked with Representative Collins for 4 years. I know the job, I know the legislative process and I know the South Boston neighborhood – my neighborhood – well.  I’m aware that the job of a state representative is a lot of work and I’m humbled that I’m being considered as one of the potential candidates.”

Charles Burke, Business Owner, Mass Academy of Real Estate and former advisor to Mayor Ray Flynn stated: “My focus is getting Nick Collins elected. I’m heavily involved in his campaign. But I’m not closing the door to seeking the state rep seat once Nick goes to the senate.  The special senate election is April 3rd. Once April 3rd has passed, it’s something I’ll be taking a serious look at and will talk to my family about. I’ve been approached by many people in the neighborhood urging me to consider running.”

Mona Connolly Casper, Administrator in Community Relations at UMass Boston and president of the Irish-American Society stated:  ” I’m not ruling anything out. I would be honored to represent our community as it’s state representative and I do think it’s time for a woman. I also think it’s important to get Nick Collins elected to the senate before a decision is made. And I also would not rule out running a write in campaign if it came down to it.”

Bob Ferarra, a manager in the Department of Conservation and Recreation (DCR) for the Commonwealth and Pop Warner and Lacrosse organizer stated: “I’m looking at it.  Not sure yet. I want to respectfully wait until the state senate race is over before making any decision.  There are some important issues coming up that will impact the neighborhood; issues like the Edison Project which is huge. There is much work to be done. “

Charlie Levin, Director of Policy and Communication for Councilor Ed Flynn and hockey coach: “In recent weeks, many friends, neighbors and community activists have encouraged me to run to replace my good friend Rep. Nick Collins in the House of Representatives, should he become our next State Senator. It would be an honor to serve South Boston as State Representative. My experience in state & municipal government, my education and community involvement have led me to strongly consider this decision. In the coming days I will be meeting with family, friends and supporters as my wife and I come to a final decision.”

Dan Manning, Director of Operations for Inspectional Services for the City of Boston and Pop Warner Coach stated: “While I’m currently focused on helping Representative Nick Collins in his bid for the senate seat, I’ve received a lot of encouragement from family, friends and neighbors and will likely run for the state representative seat should Nick Collins be successful in the special election.”

Matt Rusteika, Manager of Energy Efficiency and Climate Control for the Commonwealth stated: “We’re all trying to get Nick elected to the senate; that’s important. I’ll be talking with my wife and family about a possible run, then wait and see the outcome of the senate race and make a decision.”

Another name mentioned is Elizabeth Good, but attempts to reach her were unsuccessful. With an opportunity like this, speculation also centers on those who are leaders of local Civic Associations. Stay Tuned but GET OUT AND VOTE Tuesday April 3.