Sunday is Mother’s Day. A little History of the Day

    It’s amazing how quickly time passes.  It seems like just yesterday we were freezing in cold, nasty weather. And now, well, this Sunday is Mother’s Day. Mother’s Day is a time set aside to show our love to all mothers, who are still here with us and of course to honor those who have passed on but still remain in our hearts and help guide our everyday lives from above. The wonderful memories we cherish of time spent with them as they helped us grow into adulthood will always remain.

    This special day, for those not sure of its origin has actually been around for thousands of years in one form or another.  The traditional American celebration is separate altogether from the ancient holidays, but it’s believed that the idea for the US method of honoring Moms got its roots from ancestors long ago.

    For example, the ancient Greeks called their Mother’s Day ‘Cybele’.  The Romans named theirs the ‘Festival of Hilaria’.  The early Christians referred to it as the ‘Mothering Celebration’. Current Day Bolivians commemorate their version on the date of a battle in which women took part, while in other cultures, the date is often significant to that country’s religious festivals.

    Many other countries around the world now follow the American way of observing the day. And why not? Americans do things best and we do it right. The nation to follow the American tradition of Mother’s Day most closely is Australia.  This makes sense because there has always been a special bond between the Aussies and the Yanks, as our friends ‘Down Under’ refer to us.  It’s widely believed that the American version of Mother’s Day was started by Mrs. Anna Jarvis in 1908.

    But that was then, this is now and as Sunday approaches, many people are in the process of planning very special ways to show Mom how appreciated she is. The day might include that special dinner planned at a nice restaurant with the whole family. If you haven’t made reservations yet, you better get moving.  This is one of the busiest Sundays of the year for a lot of restaurants, they fill up fast. If you want to stay local, South Boston has some top rate dining establishments. A bouquet of flowers arranged just right with Mom’s favorite assortment always seems to bring a smile. Ours is a neighborhood that has long established florists where you can get the best at reasonable prices.  Candy, usually chocolates is an old reliable standby.  That works too.

    The variety of gifts fitting to give to one’s mother on Her day is endless. But in many cases, if you were to ask a mother what she’d like most as a gift, the answer would often be a simple one –  a visit from her children to spend that quality time with each other, her and her family together. And for those who live far apart, and today that is a common situation, a phone call to catch up on what’s been going on and certainly, a card is always a nice touch.

    A bit of advice:  For a special occasion like this, emails and text messages or communication using social network methods don’t quite cut it unless for some reason, that’s all that is available. Just a helpful suggestion.

    Whatever your plans are for this Sunday, South Boston Today wishes every mother the best. May this be one of the best, most enjoyable Mothers Days ever.