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    Sweet Tooth

    Most times in this column, I’m talking about dry wines, which is what the majority of wines made today are. However, over the last decade, there’s been a growing preference for something more on the sweet side, especially among younger wine drinkers.

    So, let’s take a look at a few.

    Schloss Johannisberg Riesling Bronze lack Trocken Rheingau, 2016, ($29.99). A single vineyard wine from what the label proudly proclaims is the world’s premier riesling estate, it’s made from grapes that are picked late so that the flavors are layered, concentrated and complex.  Huge lemon and citrus flavours abound with notes of herb and spice. Can be drunk now or kept for another few years and it’s really great with heavier cheeses, shellfish and pork dishes.

    Roscato Rosso Dolce Sweet Red, NV, ($16.99), is an irresistible, delicately sweet, gently fizzy red wine from the northern Italian region of Lombardy. Made from three native grape varieties grown in this beautiful region for centuries – Croatina, Teroldego and Lagrein – Roscato makes a wonderful aperitif and is also incredibly food-friendly. The “NV” on the label means that this is a non-vintage wine, blended from wines harvested in different years. You could have this one with braised ribs, spicy Hunan Chinese or some dow- home BBQ.

    Blandy’s 10-Year Rich Madeira Malmsey, ($24.99), is a fortified Portuguese wine made of a combination of red and white grapes. The red grapes include Bastardo and Tinta Negra, while the rest of the grapes used in the wine are white. While not all Madeira wines are sweet, many people enjoy the sweeter Madeira wines for dessert. Because part of the process of making Madeira involves heating the wine, it winds up a tawny color regardless of whether it’s made with red or white wine grapes. If you’ve got a sweet tooth, this is the one!

    Castello del Poggio Moscato, 2017, Piedmont, Italy, ($16.99).Originating in Piedmont, home of some of Italy’s most sought-after wines, its slightly-sweet, refreshingly low-alcohol personality was the inspiration for this vineyard’s entire collection . With an unmistakable flavor of peach, musk, honey, and white flowers, this Moscato pairs perfectly with delicate desserts, Thai spice, smoky cheeses, and Mexican dishes.

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