This week, Danny shared his thoughts on some of the top stories in the sports world:

—I’ll tell ya what, I can’t wait until the Patriots start playing meaningful football again. I can’t take this offseason drama anymore. I’m done with it. I don’t want to even think about what kind of beef that Tom Brady and Rob Gronkowski have with Bill Belichick. I don’t even want to know what Alex Guerrero is pumping out of the TB12 center that made Julian Edelman test positive for PEDs — and even if that “unrecognizable” substance didn’t come from the TB12 center or Guerrero himself, you’d be a fool to believe Guerrero doesn’t know the guy who gave it to him. But ya know what? I don’t even care. I just need these guys to get back on the field, so that we can move on from the offseason of hell here in New England.

Oh, what, now Brady is doing 1-on-1 sit downs with Oprah? When will it stop!
I’m serious, when will it stop? Has Brady always been this big of a weirdo, or am I just late to the party in realizing it? First, he couldn’t eat a strawberry on Colbert, now he’s telling Oprah that he’s going to retire “sooner rather than later.”

The bigger issue here to me is, why the hell is he even sitting down with Oprah in the first place? What exactly is it we’re doing here, Tom? Is everything OK at home? Are the interviews with that absolute creep Jim Gray not enough? Am I asking way too many questions right now?
Sorry, I’ll stop. But Brady needs to stop too. He’s the greatest quarterback of all time who’s acting like the biggest bug of all time. And Training Camp can’t get here soon enough.

—I’m all set with the World Cup. I had to cover the Revolution during my time as a reporter at Comcast SportsNet New England (now NBC Sports Boston), and I think that ruined soccer for me. Not that I was the biggest fan of the sport before that. But I didn’t hate it. And I could get into the World Cup in the past. Now? Not so much. It’s just not for me.

—I’m also all set with listening to the professional golf world complain about course difficulties at the U.S. Open. From what I have always understood, the U.S. Open is the most difficult major. Might even be the most difficult tournament of the year, every year. But God forbid these millionaires who hit a little white ball for a living run into some difficult pin placement. Professional golfers make so much money with so little stress that I pretty much hate most of them as it is. Now they want to complain about difficult courses? Tough [expletive]. So you had a frustrating day or weekend on the golf course. Welcome to the club, boys.

—I don’t always stick up for David Price. But I’m going to right now. Price told the Boston Herald that, if he’s named to the All-Star team, then he’ll “play a lot of Fortnite the night before” so that he’ll “be down.” Meaning, if he plays Fortnite the night before the All-Star Game, he’ll be too injured to pitch the next day.

Clearly, he’s mocking those who think video games have caused him injuries in the past. He’s also mocking those who believe he’s actually stopped playing video games, just because the Boston sports media was all over him about it. His comments will probably be turned into something like, “David Price doesn’t respect the game.” Look, the guy’s already been named an All Star five times in his career. And the Red Sox fan in me is actually hoping he doesn’t get picked to the All-Star squad this year, because that’s one less place he could actually get injured.
The Red Sox need Price to be dominant in their rotation, come October. So here’s hoping he gets to play all the video games he wants that weekend, instead of having to take part in All-Star weekend.

—Speaking of video games, I should let you know that I’ve launched a new video-game series on my YouTube channel, called, “PIC-Up Ya Sticks.” It’s a new weekly show that will combine my podcast with the gaming community. My first guest was New York Rangers forward and Dorchester native Kevin Hayes. He challenged me to a game of NHL ’18 on XBOX One, so I accepted.

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