She Turned The World On With Her Smile


By Linda Perry




All women of a certain age wanted to be Mary Tyler Moore.  We first knew her as Laura Petrie, the wife of Rob, mother of Robbie, from New Rochelle. She was a little too glamorous for the roll with her Capri pants and flats, but her distinct voice, especially when she was about to cry and she would say, “Oh Rob!”.  That was the 60’s when married couples didn’t sleep in the same bed, and nothing really bad happened in the suburbs.


Then she moved on to the role of Mary Richards, news producer in Minneapolis.  She was Rhoda’s best friend, Phyllis’ tenant, best bud to Lou Grant, Ted, Murray, and who could forget Sue Ann Nivens. Oh how Mary made us look forward to Saturday night television.


She also starred in dramatic rolls for which she won more than one award.  But it is Mary who was the one we remember.  So from all us gals who wanted to be you, and just those of us whom you gave great pleasure, our hats will be in the air to you.