On Tuesday, January 23rd , we had our football championship game.  The Vikings took on the Bears in a fierce battle that didn’t disappoint.  In the first half, both teams exchanged touchdowns, not letting either team go ahead by more than one touchdown.  Towards the end of the half, Aidan Kineavy got an interception for the Vikings which proved to be a big momentum swing.  At halftime it was Vikings 48 and Bears 42.  In the second half the Bears received the ball and made sure to take advantage of it by scoring on its first drive, taking the lead.  Once again, both teams exchanged touchdowns, keeping it very close.  With a few minutes left in the game, the Bears had chance to take the lead with a good drive.  The Vikings defense came up big on 4th and goal to seal the game.  The final score was Vikings 72 and Bears 68.  For the Vikings, Evan Pierce had a superb game, scoring 5 touchdowns with some great catches and crazy spin moves.  Aiden Kineavy had 3 touchdowns and a big interception.  Sammy Flood was great at defense and moving the ball up the field on some big runs.  For the Bears, Liam Colton had 4 touchdowns and some great runs while faking out defenders left and right.  Ryan McGarrell had 2 touchdowns and played outstanding defense.  Ryan Alexander had 2 touchdowns and did a great job at quarterback.  It was a great season and hope to see everyone back next year.


     Over 20 boys and girls are participating in a 6 week Junior Celtics Program, which is designed to strengthen and improve basic skills of the game as well as working on agility and motor skills.  Many of these participants have come the past 4 weeks, eager to learn and improve their game.  With only a few weeks remaining, we will retest the players at the end and hopefully see improvements.  Thanks to the Celtic Foundation for this opportunity.