TYNAN HAPPENINGS                         

CATCH After School Program

The CATCH Program had another great week.  Chris Fitzgerald, DYEE worker, did a great job tutoring our participants and helping them with homework. Activity for the week was basketball.  Everyone did a great job participating and displaying skills as well as teamwork.  Floor Hockey was a major success, as players get ready for the season to begin this Friday.  Star of the week was Danny Fox, who continues to listen and always looks forward to our weekly bowling trip.



Our teen center is now opened Monday through Friday from 6-9 pm.  We have a variety of activities for our teens to participate, including but not limited to board games/tournaments, trivia nights, Netflix/movie night.  We are also equipped with a brand new PlayStation with online access. Stop in and use our chrome books for both educational and recreational purposes. We have been long awaiting our Teen Center and are excited to finally have this space!





The BCYF Tynan Community Center Floor Hockey League will be starting on February 9th.  Games for this week will be at 3:50 p.m. and 4:40 p.m.  Players will be contacted on their specific game time this week.  The past few weeks, the participants have done various drills, scrimmages and worked hard developing their skills.  Star of the week was Joe Leeman, who continues to display some great skills.



Playoffs began this week for our Youth Flag Football League.  Both games were very close and exciting to watch.  In the first game, the Rams took a 38-28 lead at halftime against the Cowboys.  In the second half, the Cowboys came out strong to tie, forcing the game into overtime.  In overtime, Evan Peirce lead the Rams to the victory, by the final score of 82-74.  He had 7 touchdowns for the Rams.  Michael Quinlan, Thomas Quinlan, and Ryan Patterson all had 3 touchdowns apiece for the Cowboys. The following game was between the Saints and Chiefs.  Both teams consistently exchanged touchdowns throughout the game, keeping it very close.  The Chiefs came out on top to advance to the Championship/Superbowl, winning by the score of 50-48.  Robert Wisniewski had 5 touchdowns for the Chiefs and Rocco Blasi lead his team with 3 touchdowns.  Good Luck to the Rams and Chiefs in the Championship this week.



Youth Worker, Katie O’ Connell, will be starting the BCYF-Tynan Girls’ Fitness program.  Fitness Instructor, Amanda McCarthy, will be returning to conduct the (8) week program.  Classes will be held on Monday nights, 6-7 pm at the Tynan Gym for girls ages 10 and over. We will continue registration on Tuesday, Feb. 13th and Thursday Feb. 15th from 3-8 p.m.  A $20 registration fee (in check or money order) will be applied at the time of registration.  If interested or need further information, please contact Katie O’ Connell or Kathy Davis @ (617)-635-5110.