TYNAN HAPPENINGS                                             


The Instructional Basketball for 5-7-year olds is going strong.  Last week the children enjoyed a 3 on 3 Drill/Game.  As their numbers were called each team proceeded to play a full court game 3 on 3.  This young class has displayed incredible skills for their age.  The upcoming talent in Southie for basketball is on the move.  Stars of the week were Sammy Mulrooney, Ronan Foley, Will Christino and Colin Conley.



The Spring 6-week Indoor Golf Clinic began on Wednesday, March 28th.  The youth class is open for boys and girls ages 7-17 and will be from 6-7 pm.  The adult class will follow from 7-8 pm.  The clinic is a great opportunity for individuals to learn techniques on their swing, putting, and pitching.  The instructors do a fabulous job each year.  Hard workers of the week were Max Donovan, Jake Rae, Gianna Tassi, and Brody Young.



The girls did a fantastic in class last week.  Amanda McCarthy, Fitness Instructor, had everyone on their toes and working hard.  There are still slots available for any girl 10 and over to register.  Classes are held on Monday nights from 6-7 pm.



The first game last week was a thriller between the Rockets and Bucks.   The score at half time was tied 15-15 with both teams exchanging baskets.  In the second half the score remained close with the Bucks in the lead throughout. With minutes remaining, the Rockets fought back to regain the lead and eventually the victory.  Evan Pierce and Ryan McGarrell had 7 points apiece for the Rockets.  Sean Costello had 6 points and Mario Blasi 5 points for the Bucks.

In the second game of the afternoon, Aidan Colton had a strong game for the Timberwolves scoring a season high of 16 points, leading his team to victory against the 76ers.  Brayden Buckley had a strong game for the 76ers, scoring 8 points.



In the first game, the Predators took on Vancouver in a close one.
Each team played hard, exchanging goals.  Vancouver came back to take the victory, by the score of 7-6.  Aidan Colton had 2 goals for Vancouver.  Thomas Brooks and Kyle Greeley scored 2 goals apiece for the Predators.

The second game was played between the Jets and Knights.  The Jets fought back to take the victory, by the score of 8-6.  Rocco Blasi and Evan Pierce had 3 goals each for the Jets.  Ryan McGarrell had 3 goals and Sam Flood 2 goals for the Knights.



The Adult Coed Volleyball had two great games last week.  The first game was between Team 1 and Team 5.  Team 1 took the first match by the score of 21-16.  Team 5 came back and took the next two games by the scores of 21-13 and 21-18 to advance to the Championship game.

The second game also went 3 games, proving to be a thriller.  Team 6 came out strong and won the first by the score of 21-16.  Team 2 fought back to take the next two games, by the scores of 21-16 and 22-20 and will face Team 5 for the Championship game this week.  Good Luck to both teams!!



Thanks to the SBCDF, we were able to construct a tutoring program for middle school and high school youth who are in need for one-on-one math and/or other homework help assistance. Contact youth worker, Katie O’Connell, @ the Tynan Community Center for further details.  (617) 635-5110.