Tynan Happenings

On Friday, April 27th we had our floor hockey championship. It was the Golden Knights vs the Predators in a very tight battle. The golden knights started out with a 2-0 lead but the predators came back to tie it 3-3 at the half. Both teams were trading goals back and forth. With 10 seconds left in the game Brayden Buckley scored on a penalty shot and that was all she wrote and the predators won 6-5. For the Golden Knights, Ryan McGarrell had three goals and Jake Greeley had two goals. For the Predators, Brayden Buckley had three goals, Ryan Alexander had two goals, and Liam Long had one goal. It was a great season and the kids had a blast and most of the games were won in the last minutes of the games, which made it exciting. We hope to see everyone for another great season next year.

Golden Knights- Blue                                                              Predators- Red

Ryan McGarrell                                                                      Ryan Alexander

Henry Dinatale                                                                        Brayden Buckley

Jake Greeley                                                                           Liam Long

Colm D’arcy                                                                             Thomas Brooks

Not in picture                                                                          Jamali Prince

Harry Minucci                                                                         Charlie Millman

Aiden Kineavy                                                                         Not in picture

Sammy Flood                                                                          Nolan Young

Cailyn Noonan                                                                         Aidan Kinneally

Kenneth Killeen                                                                          Jayden McQueen

Brody Young                                                                           Mason McGarrell

Danny Fox                                                                               Percy Dubbuisson

Tafuni Gerald- Graham                                                           Kyle Greeley

Youth worker: Katie O’Connell took her girls group to Launch Trampoline Park in Norwood followed by Town Spa Pizza. The Girls had a great time and are planning more events like this one soon!