Update on Effort to Honor World War I Heroes










Do you know any of the men in these photographs? Could you be related to any them? Perhaps you know the families of these brave servicemen who sacrificed so much in defense of freedom in World War l. These photos appear in the memorial casing that is prominently displayed in the halls of South Boston High School. South Boston Today will run half of those photos this week and the rest in the March 9th issue.

The display of these pictures, the attempt to contact family members and to highlight the service they gave to our country is part of the ongoing effort to honor these men; all with ties to South Boston at the upcoming events to commemorate the 100-year anniversary this year of America’s entry into that conflict, April 6, 1917.  World war l was said to be the ‘war to end all wars’.

One of the main events will be held on April 29th in the auditorium at South Boston High.  It begins at 11:00 am and the public is invited.  In fact, everyone is welcome and urged to attend to learn more about Southie’s WW l heroes. There is a historical and fascinating history behind each individual being remembered and honored and the event on April 29th will not only be a treat for history buffs but for everyone else as well.

Anyone who may have information as to how to locate the family members of the service members in the photos are encouraged to contact Mary Ryan by email at SouthBostonWW1@gmail.com , this, in an effort to formally invite them to the event on the 29th of April and the other events that may coincide with it.

As the date draws closer, South Boston Today will continue to run updates to keep the comm